Paul Griffiths

This page is where ive been putting any text ive wrote that doesnt fit anywhere else, it wont make sense & when i add new text its put at the beginning,  some of it is just notes ive found on my phone or lyrics / lists / memos,  i will spell check it one day but if you find any really obvious mistakes in spelling or grammar please let me know [:
DREAM CACHE COSMIC CODE and these words work perfectly with balance
flowing at whatever pace it wants
then i understood improved went faster evolved got better
believed it didn't carry on
made actual algorithms in my head
9d behind my eyes to the back
actual lies
to look cool
go faster
change how you dance
keep going on purpose
after you realise
we are doing it
go deeper
day dream
nothings what it seems
our days, weeks, months calendars, clocks, watches, schedules
- routinely regulars
unique one off's
all gone replaced and synced
into a regurgitate cycle of creativeness
spurred on by simple realisation
that creation
only happens at the end of time
the peak of advancement
every current moment
is furthest forward
closest to its end.
serious googling going on on my contacts
consuming content every waking moment
then the same at night i sleep
whilst in a state of standby
you know more random quantum freestyle
hanging out with extra terrestrials
in extra dimensions
doing whatever i want
quantic explosions on galactic proportions
time travel automation of surroundings
demons fighting demons
fucking angels
playing god
in a world with two of everything
super symmetry
perfect geometry
an absolute theory of everything is obtainable
at any given moment
to be debunked by the next and the next and the next
so carry on get scared
these words are changing meaning
in front of you the subjective definition was predefined
and you've finally found the end be surprised you haven't died