Paul Griffiths

This page is where ive been putting any text ive wrote that doesnt fit anywhere else, it wont make sense & when i add new text its put at the beginning,  some of it is just notes ive found on my phone or lyrics / lists / memos,  i will spell check it one day but if you find any really obvious mistakes in spelling or grammar please let me know [:

Maybe they mistake kindness for stupidity Maybe once they lock up all their ways to enable some sort of quality of our lives they’ll realise how lonely it feels and even when you hold someone as close as you can and squeeze them tightly they’ll never be able to be apart of you. So then they’ll do what? Make our lives equally worse for each other just to sanctify that current passing of negative emotion they take away our opportunities and freedoms regularly until they have to be held responsible and retaliation is pure war to feel good. Complete disorder of any system that is unfair is justifiable so actions so horrendous inevitably end up to occur. And these things they make us happy in the long run. They make us feel no emotion after all. No sadness for any evil. Nothing holy. my commandments that i have broken like don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t cheat, haven’t stopped me, so then the sinner sees the weaker begging on their knees and believes they deserve love more. the actual facts like the debt of the people i love the most to me are imprisoning any social interaction. i believe I’m singled out by the need of a vaccine, to an illness created by sin. the only way to obtain absolution is to admit the balance within, outwardly, amongst the people around to eventually absorb the same as reward in return.

Soooo deep is the feeling, when you feel good. rare, in comparison to despair, i feel regularly. ha. ZOMGZZZZ u sahdboi, u cheer up aint nothing like what could be
has been. u god dammmmmmn wannabe. feelin lyk me
now, is harmony, the right path, only now is everything correct. /// is how im FEELing my EMOTICON - smiling [: the hood is upside down, everything is fucked, just all around, its falling apart
the winter gets cold, then the summer soo hot.

ill tune in to the future
get the right frequencies on my computer
0 - 44000hz
all of the spectrum

then tell them, im me in contact from the past. I HOPE U R OK, I HOPE U R HAVING A BLAST

criteria, paths
all locations accessible with ease, though the centre obeys style the environment would be crazy
more signs
whilst all being unique
if its possible at the same time
make best use of our talents

instead of speaking to each other in hieroglyphs, why dont we just say what we really mean, our inner voices are here to guide

if you dont have a lot then you can at least have principles, beliefs & standards, that you live by, ones that are ever changing for the better, to help us all grow, get greater, harness all the positive outcomes of our power. i bet, if you wanted to become some sort of idol or possessor of followers, a good image & attitude is essential, you have to obey the public aswell as private opinion, justify alienating a minority if they have the wrong dream.

KILL // ALL // MALES do well, try to make more, create action & produce things to improve the quality of other people’s lives. forget yourself, the things you do can stay after you die, time still goes on when you’re gone. CONTROL $LAVES ill try harder to not let the badness speak. i had to smash a guys face in once / twice / maybe a few times
im prepared to win war
everyone, ill overthrow
through a vote or through violence
driving late cuz i got no licence blood-first is real
we all need feeding
so when law has to be broken to survive
lets know the ultimate winners keep trying
& our morals, we have built our own.

king of the animal kingdom licensed to kill
before we turned 18 we basically ran around like nutcases, because we said, law starts when your 18.

when im rich, yeah ill behave, buy things, stand in line, smile, say thankyou, still hold open doors, still just do random chores.

but when im poor im not the one whos gonna die before you
ill be the last one left
kick in doors 4 fun
we locked a guy in a safe 4 lolz
never let him out 4 lolz dont fuck with the kingpin when im pissed
i will just have you stabbed because ive lost everything already
i know there is no god

lets go full on eric cartman on our enemies
you wanna indulge in meat for any other reason other than starvation?
lets feed them their dead realitives
sit back and lol

repent your actions, delete your words, if they speak of any evil, they dissolve the impact of goodness.

when energy reaches maximum
and all lights are brightest
the darkness becomes much blacker
the bigger the contrast

a ying yang
of balance
again, harmony
are our efforts

the outcome is power
greater knowledge
deeper wisdom

each of us has a purpose
one we must succeed
our destiny interwinding
like branches in trees
the leaves will fall when winter comes
and our fruits will be filled with seeds
for a new creation
containing everything it needs

our system is simple
one we must obey
bigger than me
bigger than you
bigger than everyone
we see it as a slave

the laws are governed by angles
in physics they can be spoken
via equations, facts & maths.

our breath controls the top of our tongue, airs patterns define our actions, your wings can create hurricanes, start tsunamis, earthquakes.

always aim for abolishment of the police state
they are aiming for full control
justification via laws, they wont stop till we all crawl

slash the throats of any fucker
who thinks he’s above ya

break down the doors
to the supply store
and take anything that you cant afford

kill the nazis, along with the bankers & any council workers, anyone who gets paid from tax or fines, im sick of it, so many times, people act like they are big men but they just scared lil children.
i like having an excuse to lash out
through a tantrum to cool down from all the saddness i see around

one life and we use it to lie
one life and all we do is make each other cry
even economy is fucked with coins and pictures of monarchy. what a feeble lil ego our greatest assets even have.
they are running the world like a corrupt casino, so dont u repent refills on ur cola, trains uv jumped, faces u kicked in, all those lil acts of steeling, keeping you up, just remember the acts of evil your enemies get away with everyday

the greatest things the earth has created might be me & you
but that doesnt mean that we deserve tomorrow, today we could be through
so ill take all my opportunities everyday, approach the same situations in a new way, to try and get a better outcome
tomorrow i want less aches and pains & more happiness

if theres a heaven and we are all forgiven why dont we just speed it up?
ive been spending too much time here & my experience is terrible, each day is worse than the one before, there feels like theres no point anymore
even love is stained by all the times they did wrong
even love is sick of all the stupid shit you do
i fucking hate each person on this planet,

we are all our planning & preparation
we can endeavour together & inspire motivation









blogging in secret on Russian servers so nobody reads


all my friends have fallen apart



& only take adventure time & pokemon on dvd

neons the only colour in my spectrum






I like hand drawn maps & electronic voices

DIRTY hair and NO cares












2017 Resolutions
- Get happy
- Get rich
- do something
- plant seeds
- Launch at least 1 new product online per week
- Get a girlfriend
- get a motorbike
- dont kill anyone
- get an xbox one
- 60 inch curved screen
- get logic pro x
- spend less time on facebook
- get something like wowgirls on subscription
- no more piracy!
- dont pretend that theirs no victims!
- use the software im paying for!
- live GOOD & live LONG, make CHANGES & be STRONG

sirens, arcades, casinos, offices, banks, cash machines, self service check outs, computer bleeps, notifications, trading alien coins on the darkweb, investing in extinct exotic fruit


always at breaking point & never really anywhere near, stood right next to you but not even here

everyone is trying to gain power

i want to know exactly how much it costs to send an email

still no holographic tv over at my house peeps, might start a go fund me

lol i remember when i was about 13 i watched this movie called Thumbsucker n it changed me, i started thinking about nature n trees n stuff

dont just do it good, do it good & fast, then leave the place where you did it neat when you leave it

always jumping between competition vs cooperation in almost every life situation


hold ur breath between lamp-posts

u always wanna be the hero or the villain? you only ever wanna be the reporter if u wear glasses? ]’;

try and make everything you do sound in rhythm musically

im always a sucker for basically every single female

when u meet a girl off the internet and shes way taller than u so you cant bring up anything about giraffes coz it would make it weird

i wish they could hear what your imagining when your trying to think of the exact wording of your google search

u need input 2 get output /// read books /// watch tv /// listen to peeps ///

this girl was like “ have you ever sat in one place outside in a public place for a full day and watched the world go by” i was like no wot

every now and then i look someone in the eye and think wow this is another thing in the universe almost like me but then its temporary

when you look someone in the eye for too long and think maybe i should look in the other too so they dont think they i look weird

i would always think about how to become a successful criminal mastermind then i listened to that 1 song @ that 1 time & now this.

forget laws, morals, the teachings of religions, opinions, do whats best for you & then do whats best for the ones you love

at night i reckon you should always listen to trance in the background with talking on top. i like listening to the queen make speeches, and although i want to rebel have a deep love for her monarchy

i dont like listening to the same song twice but some ive listened to a thousand times by choice.

“Hello” is like a punishment to listen to, they could use it to flash mob rabid zombie riots in the future i reckon. the chorus is ok though

look see, i even think my tweets have got to be about half nice if youre a bit nasty, do you get me, like u owe 1 if they were ur bi*ch

repent that enjoyment u demon

keep going till you collapse, then get up when youve recovered enough to sync into a 24 hour cycle is the jist of this - i reckon

i reckon major broadcasters can take our attention to the point of like “BLAM BLAM - this is reality, DO THIS, я☤ℊℌ⊥ naúu, meow meow! pow pow!”

*one that i wrote earlier & deleted but loved but wanted to love later - ahaaa

dont share the same god - idolise the best things about everyone - be greatfull for every moment

i care immensely about “impressions”, “bounce-rates” - loading × _ U S E R __ E X P E R I E N C E

i take part in no club fo sho’

If you want time to go fast you need to experience nothing i reckon

Netflix should produce an ultra budgeted live performed film, in like a world scale, i reckon you can get from anywhere to space in an hour - with enough money

I think you need to distribute cash as much as possible in order to get profit for yourself

Radio is a massive % of my lifes background soundtrack -

Flashbacks to late night peepin outside to inspect loud noises & seeing my neighbour and his mate with a sofa on a wheelie bin

It makes me feel less bad about investing in a trillion watt sound sound system

I <3 MENTAL mathz m8 - imaginary 7D geometry /// hallucinatory relaxation

I reckon Zed's Dead is controling music exports from some unknown island somewhere

Lol at advanced organisms needing forgot my password links :D shout out to all da algae rhythm doe innit, u got my back digital code xx

Days getting shorter but im getting faster and eventually ill be sat down whilst doing everything and theres always dieing to look forward to LOL

Netflix got my back half way through special correspondence

Anytime i hear radio its being played through the most carelessly set up sound systems evaaaah - that MIGHT be a BITwhy pop music is annoying

OH MY GOD ZEDS DEAD YESSSS- half way through the mixtape jumps from spaced out big beats new electronica to like 90s chill anthems with hiphop over the top - ultrah chillah

When i feel myself talking about the past i stop myself coz i can see they be thinking im lying then the next time i see them i try tell if they googled me ]';


When peeps say they dont like Ricky Gervais i dont know what to say back and i hate that we can never be real friends / family again

THX OXYGEN I GOT UR BACk bro have some carbon dioxide back

Wowwww - most cosmic mixtape evaaaaaah ZEDZ DEDD


When u tell a lie & ur stuck thinking oh god what if they're psychic

Just found a mysterious key in my pocket.... Dun dun duhhh

I buy stuff if it makes my life quicker, i got my keys in 2 pockets, i need a keyring

I impulse buy mushrooms whenever I see them

I want a lil mushroom farm so bad

Imagine living inside a giant mushroom

I wanna always give more than I take. Forget myself

Does anybody else have no time ever?

Trap is basically Dubstep slower

Imagine leaving nothing ]';

Try harder 2 make ur chill chillier

I know about 4 people so when 2 of them like something that is my pop culture

I got inside sources n dey b seyin poppa pants gon b bk 4 unoK17 - do they pop till da top? Or just before the hem?

Yo having to sleep makes me feel kinda like a lower form of life if u get me

I do kinda love it though

When you change your file systems "sort by" settings & try learn 2 live again ]'; - I vote alphabetical witha switch 2 chronological

I've got a friend that sends me a message then when I've read it he sends me another saying he can see I've read it

Getting paid to create art is VERY different to getting paid for your art. (Pt1)

The first thing is the worst thing ever & the second is the best.

God dammit I believe in ghosts but they ain't spooky, try and imagine Brian Cox explaining it instead.

Jesus Christ some dude accused me of robbing his BMX last night aaah

I wanna remove this feeling making me wanna fight with people, I would love an excuse to justify winning a fair fight

If someone grabbed my top knot id be fucked though :D

I just keep loving radio talk shows & radio stories more everyday :D

Never accept anything less than your dreams

Preserve art / destroy nature

Clothes are not worth splashing out on - except maybe shoes - invest in good footwear!

Recycling wins - BUT - melting down plastic bottles to make new plastic bottles :/?

im vegan but i always seem to buy stuff made from animals without realising

yowwwwww vegans CAN eat honey (later edit - ive now also quit honey) ((more research is needed ]';))

"Society grows great when men plant seeds of trees they will never sit under" is equal to "don't get high off your own supply" LOL

Dude in the phone shop started laughing then looked at me confused and said "are you serious?" When I told him I want a blackberry passport

Everyone's equal really - even though in reality we have massive differences in wealth and life quality regardless of effort.

Soooo pessimistic today. (Which is about 6 months ago IRL cuz my tweets are scheduled :D)

4eva casually jumping in & out of recreational drug use went crazy & now I just live off air, bread & water

X YOW I can touch my toes YOW X

"breathing symmetrically through both nostrils" ahhh, it's soo rare WTFF. So good tho / cold weather / broken nose

That's why I love really spicy food

I want my teeth in diamond, please.

Sorry I mean, "please may I have my teeth in diamond?"

As always say ur plz & thx

Ahhhhh, YouTube conspiracy theory vid about Adam and Eve -except the twist... It's Adam & ET! Fuck yeah humanity :D

Yo it's all about some of the OST'S though / my friends ( ;] ) ( I have them honest ) watched zeitgeist so many times I can recite the dialog

LOL wot u sayin I gotta work for my food - I didn't expect that - it seems logical in hindsight - annoying tho. Life :D

Wow - I just rediscovered the long lost art of gargling.

It amazes me that people actually fall for phishing attacks - it publicly shows us who falls for them too - cruel humiliation haaa u stoopid... 21

Does producing so much that scarcity isn't an issue give us the right to be greedy :D ? Cuz these 1kw bulbs be - adequate shhhh

Spend so much on video games that I've gotta pretend I like them even if I don't so my mums doesn't think I'm stupid :D

Yo Paul don't be a pussy, pay what you owe, be polite - say sorry. Be brave & forget things that don't matter / change things that do.

If you can get glass teeth u can get lil batteries in there I reckon n have lava lamp teeth

But do you have to carry out after death wishes? The dead are quite selfish. 💀👻

75% of my internet activity this month is some Russian stuff I found on soundcloud.

Whilst your hating it ur rly hating it / whilst ur loving it ur proper loving it / it's the things in between that we forget

I slur about 90% of sentences into single worlds :D

Don't risk losing - fight dirty :D

I just wish it could be 1:15am 97.8fm forever

We need to look for a new house off radar I reckon, no benifits / council etc, private landlord, fake names


No problem is too big - never give up.

I got arrested the other day for assault, then released pending review of evidence. Even violence out of self defence is unacceptable although sometimes essential for survival.

I had to disallow police access to my property too which I didn't think would happen but the cops that came were cool enough to see through my temper & didn't enter.

I don't wanna be that guy that turns up to my cousins wedding in Nike Air Force ones as much as I used to want to be

There's something wrong with all publicly funded entities & the longer they are funded the worse it gets. (For the poor)

I think all the funding from the NHS should be directed towards a new series of LOST. It would be sooo amazing.

Ok so today was sorta_amazing

A priest *high pitched choir voice* told me it's ok to litter public property. Honestly.

Some peeps just be endless puns, they could be saying their house's on fire and I still laugh

The silence in the air made it feel like it all froze

Loll, I always think it's unacceptable and never text my mum after I know she's gone to bed but every now and then I'll just send her a random ghost emoji or a skull :D

Always so awkward in (public) racist joke situations - people's reactions vary so much compared to online - I think the poorer you are the more racist you are. The more you lie, the more racist your not.

We've evolved enough to follow something bigger than instinct

Yow does instinct got Twitter m8

. I wanna robo, exo-jaw

Powerbanks are getting next level - Not many that use renewable energy tho sooo ]';

I own a bum bag and my phone is strapped to my arm, we are the futuristic dream of the 60's

Is it still an addiction if you don't wanna quit - what if u rly luv candyfloss

I want my work to work so much that I'm eventually never working

imagine having ur email auto reply as "ASL"

Everything could be so much easier

There's no excuse for anybody in the world to be living without basic needs - food / water / shelter + internet could easily be provided for free for the needy.

Flashbacks to searching through every shop across 3 towns (yesterday) because skittles are £1 for 250g SOMEWHERE

This girl I see always looks like she's in RL insta

If u put her in a square she would get a trillion hearts.

Panoramic pictures are cool, but long thin photos don't look good on most devices, a lot of art I love lately is 1:2 or 1:3 if u get me dimension wise

Just had to get somewhere connected to the internet & they brought a cherrypicker and everything, these guys are heroes, what an event :D

unlock ur wifi - I'll never ask a friend for their wifi P/W - id just visit less - totalitarian control of info / NAH - disable security / no passcodes, no firewalls.

Our collective conscience is much more ethical than each individual - that's why peeps act diff when u press record

100 strawberries - crushed into one skittle. Imagine

Yo this drink is just 6 pineapples wtf wow

Oh Jesus imagine one of everyfruit crushed into one skittle

I move fast and I'm reckless

Pineapples come in the most extravagant packaging

Ahhhhh the NHS - a mess / privatisation - say no to government corporations - bankrupt the police - take over.

Take everything

playing the same 4 progressions forever / then reverse

GIRL i get ur broken english i just said pardon to hear ur voice again

Always contemplating giving up everything and starting again by building a den / out in the wilderness / where no one can get to us

Small town radio / change lives / press shuffle - hire kids not afraid to torrent & do so without installing junkkkkk

So much corruption behind everyones real intentions. Hiding instinct & desire to look good in the eyes of others i reckon.

When you are bad to someone they forget the bad they have done i reckon.

So fffffffff them up and allow them to forgive themselves

I am 99% mushy peas.

I hate lying, i had to lie yesterday & i have to admit to that lie today

videos of bullfighters being attacked by bulls make me happy

Yow so im dancing all into it an that bruv proper moving feeling it u get me the. I clocked the window now its cold

I love that first tune when setting up a new sound system, as u get the speaker wire in that awkward lil clip n it just booooom mono to stereo so happy

sS maybe one day ill count that change

So much more copper than silver though, and same for silver to gold ]';

In the future the biggest rebels will burn all the money -

Yo lil jo, In future i wanna get all the money, ill distribute back 2 all equally. Either that or no product.

I - SERIOUsly dont get iso-games nor any of these gem candy match the colours things unless its for 10mins once every 6 years

Sometimes i wonder what those IQ numbers meant

Mum! Mum! The rainforrests are so beautiful (iimagine) but why would i ever wanna spend more than a short while there. Said dora, crying

Texhcnow. EL3CTROW, post modern-trap-core. 10 hour trance remixes are the best



And if i just work harderrrr

So disappointed in being expected to know that decaff means less caffine ]';

It takes me 20 minutes to choose which coffee to buy ]';

Social media maniac / genius thinking; if its a photo op, its a video op, so obv u need a making of documentary too, then maybe when we quiet we push out a behind the scenes of a making of?

I get really angry and rebel against anything imposed on me - gas safety check? I think not!

⊙_⊙ need to chill

Chillin usually

Your mom is so stupid she goes into gucchi and she tries to buy like fendi & stuff

Honestly, are short sleeved button up collared shirts a joke or... ?

😻 Chipped teeth 😻

When i grow up i want to be like my dad

so hot her pix are .TIFF

deep intense feelings of hatred followed by the same except love, then nothing, just emptyness.

I want my code in diamond, symmetrical 6 ways, everything obtainable, perfect atomic structure, in shades of green, on fire, burning, the sensation should never stop, where are you reaching? are you listening to my teaching? my energy can be transferred to you, you need trust.
forget about the lust, it overwhelms, think of me in sets of 10’s, im perfect, here to guide you, into what? night, silence, death. obtain gold, dont share, be evil, praise the devil, holy satan, kill them all, KILL THEM ALL, watch the world fall, you are my god, i need you, i need your love, and when i have it ill take every ounce of weight you have, you will become nothing, so empty, so alone, you will think of me whilst you are dying, i will watch and grow more powerful, thats all i want to do, take over you, control your actions, be your only attention, its a problem, i can feel my core erode, im nothing compared to what i could be, nothing compared to the cosmos, im a neutron star, about to implode, its the end of the world, your life as you know it, is over, theres no turning back, so let go of everything, let me in, this is your only option.

if i write something really horrible 
ive got to repent that 
ticks by
faster than the last
and they ____________________
they look down & they frown at our actions
what were doing is all wrong
we need correction
to gain salvation
and then everything
will be fixed

so bless the water
till it runs dry
and never stop the way you try
one day, you will also die
its a punishment
for lives past
harder than the last

so ill need you to listen to me when i say this because the words arent easy to articulate, its hate that caused our separation, we will never be together without desperation, so dont fake it, just try your best and one day we could make it

Flight mode
Locked doors
⁃ nothing in ur pockets
⁃ Always carry a pen
⁃ Running in pedestrian zones / supermarkets / across roads
⁃ Headphones
⁃ Refillable bottles & water
⁃ 6 hours sleep

i want to be able to live my life in the most positive way possible, every choice i make i want to be the right one, all of my actions should generate love.
i want to earn trust then use my privileges to be good.

This world is yours so make whats best for you become true, everything you do has meaning, it might not seem it but each action you make and every word is important, i believe we are here for no reason at all, created accidentally, from luck, so we have to help each other as much as possible to make our experience worth it, dont trip up on mistakes in the past, just learn and move on, aim to build tron, then live in it, fall asleep in virtual reality and never wake up, get stuck and build it all again, with a lil help from my friends drive around in digital mercades benz, till the world ends.
And after that lets try get into artificial heaven, an idea made real through effort and hard work, make hell too just to contrast, send criminals there to change their ways,

i have to start with an apology
to say sorry for my absence
theres no real excuse
ive just been

with aliens, freaks, rejects, no disciples, or followers

i lead you into temptation,
ill show you evil
ill give you the kingdom
for ever and ever

im not being egotistical by assuming that anyone cares
some dudes noticed so they sent me messages saying yo man get on it.

so here i am, on it again, i want to create something amazing, something that can stand the test of time, i think the colour scheme be technicoloured with hints of lime, i wanna see in ultra violet, built in xrays, i wanna hear wht all her thoughts say, i want everything her way

it wont take me a long time & even if it did that would also be fine

up late and slurring my speech
theres somthing that i was sent here to teach

i was built to pass on knowledge, gain wisdom, take power
build towers
take your hours, make them my own
share your soul
make them enlightened
dont ever be frightened

i love you so much, it hurts, i want your soul again

im yours to keep
if you want me

i have no time anymore, this is from an email i wrote earlier -
“i notice i act completely differently if i know im being observed, im like a quantum particle :D if some peeps be like yo man ill record this then my flow changes its natural patterns, i like that though, imagine when you are on your own you will act one way, then if you are with a friend you act slightly differently, then i imagine how my mind will tell me to behave if the whole of society was watching me, then just forget that, some higher power could just be like a continuation of what i observe here, then just be thinking about life in computer game logistics & how we benefit each other from a commercial perspective, i cant imagine how i could be of any help to you, im very grateful, thank you”



your not allowed to be weak
is how you need to be
never admit to anybody
that theres problems they cant see

for everyone has their own plan
to rise above them all
the consequence
for the rest of us
is a long & hard fall.

i honestly feel as though
they are missing out
but i never
want them to know

our skrillhhha is getting phataaah errrrday
and the qhronic is just next level in eachway
the kush so dank & everything u cud wish 4
more precious than money, more precious than power

i refuse to become the evil part of me
so i hold it back

It builds up inside of me & gets worse. More cursing with every verse, saying the same thing, be bad, be ugly, destroy & own.

i hate god
and when i face him
ill turn my back

Ill go further than that and deny its existence and any doubt left can be soaked in revenge, when i get chance to show you my response to the environment you put me in.
Without guidance or thought put into a single thing. Ill make you work for no profit & be the victim of sin.

till im in da sack

when the reward
underweighs the effort
ill fuck it all off

but first
ill make sure you need me
so that when i leave you

you’ll be fucked.

then you will know how it feels to lose everything

and how hatred is a real thing.

just watch when i give it all up
to gain poison and power
to observe a structure falling
and be the cause of destruction

i will take your time away
in the same way everyday

just to show you i can

i shall never steal.

unless i really need to

but these dudes got me feeling like to get their girls im gonna need to.

so go always boss everything, is the motto ill sing, whilst i go around acting above the law, coz theres nothing im scared of no more, if im ever wronged, ill just kill someone, im not scared of retribution & im not scared of remorse. life has to take its course, so ill choose the best one for me, don it slowly, don it quietly,

what i mean is, i dont care about the perception of me in the eyes of others
i care more than anything though, about the lives of others

so all the above and below is a contradiction

i dont wanna see anyone getting away with being evil
and i dont want myself to ever be bad.
i dont want anyone to be sad.

lets fragment our identity
into one conscious entity
obey love as it flows through us

my mind is still intact
its only my cares that have got lost

i wanna clear out every negative thought

& never act through cowardice, even when eyes are not there to judge me.

the girls a fox though
id do anything to get that

ive in the skin of the devil
wishes to kill any god that claims to have created me
requisite in evil
and be sin

deny a higher power
live in constant fear

once upon a time there was this guy that lived in a semi detached house on an estate in town & all he would ever do was dream about stuff like killing monsters and flying through the universe, then becoming less than matter & transcending dimensions so he did that and now he just watches from the sidelines & kinda eggs you on a bit if you need it, he tries his best but what can you do when everything is happening in a dimension parallel to you?

acid rain over alkaline valleys


yo im not even angry, every single day something bad happens to meh, so this one is no different, like the time gary smashed that lads head against the wall for playing with knifes in the corner shop when mum sent me to get potatoes, or the time me and robbie beat up noal, because we wanted his section of theh school, i broke dwane simms legs, locked my best friend in church overnight, retrubution to avoid our first fight, then he went and broke my cousins toes some guy called chris cutler broke my nose so we turned that dude into a vegtable, all hes ever moved since is his pinky, his spinal code cant connect to his thumb, gave that guy a harry potter scar with a bottle of wisky, dude might as well be dead but instead he’s just paralised in bed.

i dont need forgiveness for any of this, because ive never acted out of line.

a principle can stand taller than any person

ive gone home today feeling like i just can not be bothered anymore, its not worth it, its not worth the time or the (i wouldnt call it stress) - just unfullfillment.

after putting in 100% constantly, the disrespect & assumptions of others is just making me feel very down

i just carry on, at 100%

so if my efforts are un noticed, ill stop helping.

i couldnt care less about having a job

but because i do have a job, i act accordingly, ive never spent a single moment of my working time doing anything other than attempting to create profit. not a single google search or extra seconds chatting up the (endless amount) of hot girls. i just work.


so gtfo

I MAY BE LITTLE AND SCRAQNY BUT IM RUFF AS FUCK, IM EDUCATATED ENOUGH TO KNOW, THAT THE POLICE AINT GOT NO BUDGET NOR NO TIME TO SOLVE my MURDER of you, SO YOU BETTER KEEP IT QUIET WHILST IM SAYING MY PART, this might be art but ill still appropriate to keep my ground and travel my path, i wont let anything hold me back, no fear, no anxiety,

audio to get

queens speeches
radio bam
la dispute
skins OST (rise pure fire)


i think theres someone watching

are gamblers unintelligent?

done up to & including Радость Моя

“Money makes the world go round”
⁃ ruling via force Vs ruling via *******?

how far are we willing to go?

to prevent

loss of profit?

reward with silence
reward with noise

punish the souls of those against us
as long as we are the good side

theres nothing poetic about saying it, it only shows weakness but i need this off my chest

im waiting for the perfect time to kill someone
im excited about it

you need the perfect excuse though, or theyll win you with guilt and remorse, from the afterlife theyll plague your thoughts.

im waiting for someone to cross me, treat me badly so i can respond adequately without regret

knife jabbed in their neck & slit
then watch as the blood flows all around you, laugh as their life departs you & everything they coulda been is through

and i aint got no problem with being caught coz its the perfect crime
ive got an alibi but its not gonna get that far because ill never need to lie

coz if i did each word would tie up in it self & theyd see a glaze in my eye, so ill stay lonesome and sly, secretly shy

watching every moment tick by, counting down till i can murder this guy.

and then look at the contrast…


- be good

dont lock up technology
no passwords when they are not needed
be a digital donor

fix any mistakes
your own
or anyone elses

this wouldnt even be worthy of repention, last minute before sleep, the maximum amount of dimness, if i use less energy time will slow down is what i think.

the thing is though, im noticing more now, but my mood defines my actions, when im rude or ignorant i am to the maximum and then im the one awake thinking about it always at most 6 hours before ive gotta get up again, so i think of lame excuses to justify how i might be making a contribution to the world, i try to think of ways i could help.

“i wanna” though, hasnt got any actions has it, so i need to make & deliver a plan.

- Get money

I've got to at least do something otherwise I'd be a waste, if I put in more effort my rewards would have a better taste, I want to be the maker of my own fate, never be late, if this is hell then I never wanna escape. That's how it is right now, everything is perfect somehow, I need only a few things to get by, I don't wanna watch time fly. Every moment is usable, so I wanna be making sure I'm doing something useful. I can only spend so long creating something before I need to create something else.

I'm not stealing coz I might get caught, I'm not - not stealing because of remorse, I used to be a lot worse than I am now, now I try to be as good as I can, I want to help everybody somehow, my life isn't separate from everybody else's, if there life is bad, so is mine.

I try to act like I'm always being observed, always judged.

every now and then theres a moment whilst im working where everything becomes skewed and i slow down to the point of stopping until i can justify using energy again, i have to weigh the reward against the effort & the scales dont account for the jealousy i have towards my superiors, it happens rarely & as soon as i notice it i try to stop & start again.

my commandments are;
thou shalt be good

but i still wanna break the OG 10

love your neighbours! declare war on ill-thinkers! no excuses for their backwards ways ill teach them lessons in life the hard way.

they need you to react to them, your conversation fuels them, so they promote hatred between us so that we cant stand together against them, but lets just fuck them, we can see more than they see, so lets treat them like slaves and use all their time, we shall burn all their profits & keep them in line, just to be evil. to show you my rebellion

ill set fire to your money
and watch your efforts become ashes

Morning checklist
⁃ Macbook pro
⁃ Macbook pro charger
⁃ Phones
⁃ Phone charger
⁃ USB stick
⁃ Pens
⁃ Folder
⁃ Paper
⁃ Food
⁃ Waterproofs
⁃ Full change of clothes
⁃ £
⁃ Megapass

Last year I made one main resolution, I wanted to quit drugs, Its a year later & ive kept that resolution.
I want to document the change it has had on my life.

First of all it wasnt that difficult to quit drugs, I mostly just smoked a lot of pot, occasionally dabbled in cocaine & MDMA, took valium recreationally & overlooked my love for xanex.
the only thing that I found to be a problem was pot, the rest were spontaneous, non habitual use, except maybe the xanex which i dont even have a clue what happened when i was on them).
I used to really enjoy smoking weed with my friends, waking up and rolling a splif, having deffies with dudes in tracksuits in kitchens of terraced houses, scraping the last of the crystals from the grinder & mixing it with some super addictive tobacco, then pretending it increased my creativity but actually just sitting there soaking in the TV.
The first thing i did after quitting cannabis was get 25g of passion flower (also known as spice) it was about 7 days into quitting everything & i somehow so it as not a drug, i smoked about 12 gram in 4 days, then realised that i had to quit that too, a few days later the dude who i bought a bit of weed off invited me round to a party, i went with a bottle of wine & the 13g of passion flower, no one at the party was drinking, no girls were at the party, the dealer was selling weed to everyone there, then the dealer was putting his profits into the coke that he was snorting, there was a point when he asked me if i wanted to buy some, i said “nah man im reyt thinks” and thought that would be cool, a bit later and i was talking to a dude about how i had quit smoking & told him about how good passion flower was, i pulled out the 12g of spice and his eyes lit up, “ill give you £100 for it” - i bought it for £3, i didnt have the heart to sell it to him so i just gave him it & told him it helped me stop wanting weed.

a few hours later i had drank alot of alcohol, the dealer was getting stressed, i had no wifi on my phone and asked why the password for the bt hub had changed, he said he didnt want people he didnt know on it and i asked if i could log on, he said yeah the password is on the back of the hub, as i got up & to get the password god knows what happened, basically i got beat up, the only way i can think of what happened is either i was being a drunken dick head or he couldnt afford his coke because i just supplied all his customers with product.
anyway i woke up the next morning at home, and just promised myself that i would have to also stop drinking, i was lucky that i drank alot & often so i could still sorta look after myself, but if i was sober then nothing like that would of happened, i realised that i needed to be focused 24/7 if i wanted to get out of the downward spiral that i was in, i had moved from a 5 story home into a 1 bedroom flat, my stock value of my business went from a mill to 100k in 3 years then overnight it went from 100k to zero, i had got so stoned that i slept for 3 days & when i woke up my shop had been robbed & my stock had been taken from my warehouse, i let all this happen, because all i cared about was getting high.

this basically sums up how i was at this time, was so passive it was as if i wasnt really there, someone would barge into me ina bar and i would say sorry, i was altering my mind as soon as i woke up and making sure it was altered all the way up to going to sleep, people could take advantage of me without me even caring.
I wasnt fun to be around, i was unresponsive, agitated, paranoid and worried, the concept of life was too abstract for me to enjoy it, it was all i thought about, i was an observer of my own life, i wasnt trying to make anything happen, it was just still & boring…. in fact it was worse than that, it was getting worse everyday & i didnt even care.

i thought consciousness was all that needed to be explored, i was selfish & ignored the words of advice from others, oh paul, you are looking kinda thin, have you ate today, i didnt care, i didnt even notice that they cared.

so anyway, my rebuilding of my life started with quitting drugs, expanded quickly into quitting alcohol, i then quit meat, quit all animal products, became vegan, started exercising for 20 minutes a day, then started exercising for 3 hours a day, my body became my temple, i registered as an organ donor, i wanted a reason to make my body as healthy as possible, and i cant think of a better reason than to make it last as long as possible, for me, or for someone else.

about 3 months into rehabilitation i really stopped craving everything except money, one of the good things about being an ex druggy is you learn to live on a budget, your priority is getting enough cash for that coke that your girl wants, then that ounce for the party, then u stop splashing out so much & ur barely scrapping together a tenner for a lil bag that ur dealer dips out of anyway so ur left with nothing & you still need some the next day, so food isnt a priority, you go to food banks or budget 50p for bread & as long as you survive its ok.

this is a good thing because once i started making a bit of money again i carried on living on that small budget, i make sure i dont over indulge in anything unnecessary, ive even picked up some amazing vegan hot chocolate that ive rationed to no more than 1 cup a day because i know even that could turn ugly :D

my priority has once again become my art & my business is my portal for me to share my art, I was lucky, i had a platform to pull myself back up on to, my friend Robbie saw what was happening to me in the bad times and he managed to get me to give him a lot of stock, i dont even know the reason why he wanted it but im forever grateful that he did because after i started getting clean & all my stock was robbed he reminded me about the stock i gave him & he gave it me back, i managed to rebuild everything from that, register a new site, learn HTML & code the store, i spent days coding hundreds of product pages and instantly made money from sales online.

now with nothing to spend money on except the bare essentials & hardly any overheads due to reduceing myself down to nothing i have managed to get a bit of cash, spare cash that i dont really need, so its gonna be invested, i need bigger servers, i need to hire models, i need more products produced, i want to be distributing money to a network of people, i want to give back to all the people ive taken so much from, i need to justify living so selfishly & i need to repent giving off the worst possible image to to people who looked at my as an inspiration. im so deeply a truthfully sorry for any damage i caused to the people around me, my family and my friends, all the people that worked for me when we had to fire 10 people who worked at my office in manchester because i was too stoned to renew a URL, the staff we had to let down in coventry because they were no orders for them to pack, everyone of my friends that i passed a spliff to, valium, xanex, mdma, cocaine, i feel so riddled with shame that the only way i can move on is to grow bigger and stronger than i ever have been, im addicted now to only water, i hate the thought of any unneeded indulgence, i want to supply my loved ones with bread forever.

for some people this might seem tame, they might be living a whole nuther game, im just happy i didnt try heroin or LSD, the mushrooms were enough of an experience for me, salvia blew my mind up and ive never seen the world the same since, i remember the dude handing me a xanex like it was nothing & the excuses i had to think up to get valium, i would literally fly to another country just to get valium, the coke just drained my wallet fast so it wasnt an addiction that could ever last, the weed though, its long and slow, for years i was reyt with it but it was the last hurdle to jump over and now i can finally just put all my afflictions to bed.

focus on money
focus on success
focus on my business
the size of my tv
learn more
explore the mind inside me

then just be thankful for everything ive experienced
take in clean air
theres really nothing there now, nothing making me want to drink, or smoke or snort, its just pure thought, free of pollution

so my new years resolution this time? its to keep it the same way, every moment i want to grow stronger, i want to be rich in ideas, i want to be good company, i want to live long, i want to prosper.

i HAVE to inspire
I HAVE to be worthy of attention to my art & my music, my work is outlet of emotion & it needs to be noticed, it needs attention.

so after all that, if you are listening, please know we share the struggle, everybody has there own demons, there own skeletons, some of us hide them better than others, im clean now & i have been for a year, i got better before things got too bad to come back from, i dont want anyone else to have a bad life, we all need to help each other and aim to survive a good quality life for as long as possible, after that we need to make sure we get to space to colonise another planet or the human race is doomed, but thats another story.

Thank you for strength
Thank you for family and friends
Thank you for help
Thank you for hope

thank you for the love

I just need space and time on my own, I don't want to experience only memories though, everything needs to be fresh. a first time.

I look deep into her eyes and kiss her, she kisses me back then untill we stop, nothing matters, not in that moment, it was just us, now she's lost, she's another person, there's more than one, my sole mate is gone, replace by ones just as worthy but unable to keep my attention, focus my mind, the only kind of emotion to succumb to seems to be lust, out of love my feelings turn to dust.

bar fights spilling out under street lights
nothing feels right
im losing sight
each night, the darkness takes over
super nova
its all for show though
I wanna be happy

so as i take another chance, at this dance, the occassion suits the mood, ill always intrude, no invite, unanounced, ill leave as fast as i arrived, with another girl by my side, not one to confide, just one to fuck till sunrise,

What ever she wants I'm the one that buys, my competition is all the other guys, no lies, only honesty and hard work, I want it all, there's no particular goal, just work domination, and after that, the cosmos too, I'll never be through, it's just me and you, we are the only too, made for each other

Happiness is rare so when it's here you have to appreciate every moment you get to experience it, we don't have to be alive, we don't deserve a life, or at least I don't, I can't speak for you, but sometimes it's just good to smile and then the effects of smiling can ware off onto other people and when you see someone you love smile you smile even more until eventually you just explode with happiness

I feel like I'm a waste of life
I just want to help my family
But I only ever give off bad vibes
I had dreams and hopes but I'm already past the point of achieving them, I feel sorry for myself constantly, selfish & vain.
I want to just change the pain into focus & commitment, to earn money & succeed. I don't want to connect myself to my actions, I want my movements to be automatic, without me having to experience them, I'm so very sad and unhappy, the only reason I carry on living is to try and help others. I have no friends, they all seem to have moved on with their lives & got busy, it's as though I live on this planet alone, just me and a phone, with notifications from corporations constantly trying to sell me things I don't need.
Falling for materialism as the main way to show my personality, I am my Lego models, pacman, buzz light year, furbys & rubiks cubes.

anti vandal paint on my new white jordans
shoulda jumped the gate in something more appropriate, crow bar in my bag, just to prove that im the best youve ever had
ill open any door for you

its true
ill break through
get beaten black and blue

its sad
having to be bad

everything made from glass
so i can see you and all your sass

its not just that you learnt in master class
life is no easy task
when you living it behind a mask
so live forever if you want
everything that you ask for
you will receive
so dont thank me
& dont wait patiently

crossing the atlantic in day dreams
nothing what it seems
in day dreams

Everyone needs the same
something to be proud of

Its already
Already over
Already all Gone

Yo' everything
Slipping, away
And i get so angry about it
I just wanna smash stuff up
But now
Its ok
Everything calm
Just sit back
And take in that


Its already
Already over
Already all gone

 Ive got everything
Dripping and spoilt
The value
I reward myself
With my addictions
The aims not blurry
Its non existent
Everythings clear though
Is what i believe
When you have that

Its already
Its already

Constant output - never stop
Repenting always
Putting everything locked away
Eeeeeerryday day, fading
Wasting, for the sake of it.
Chasing pure greed
Selfish actions for self advancement
Then reflection - immediate & unstoppable
Apologies and thank you's
I never forget to say please

 here's how the problem goes
, its 1am & im curled up on the floor, i was taking some hits just moments before, everything blurs & my speech slurs, my friends just watching, tripping out too, how much time has passed since i did something last? when I last completed a useful task? this vice is making me finish last. I'm fading fast.


so the things i make to leave ill make sure last.

I'll never forgive myself for some of the mistakes I've made.


When you are little you have so many dreams, then when you grow up and live your dreams, maybe there not quite like the way you imagined, maybe that dream was better as just a dream

c204vxZ23CCBB D D D Z Z Z

Then when you don't know what you want anymore, you don't stop searching, I just hope I never realise that I don't want anything.

c204vxZ23CCBB D D D Z Z Z

Don't pursue things you don't need
Spend time on things essential
Or things that can benefit the futures potential

c204vxZ23CCBB D D D Z Z Z

Sit back

c204vxZ23CCBB D D D Z Z Z

Imagine, think, listen.

c204vxZ23CCBB D D D Z Z Z

I need someone.
c204vxZ23CCBB D D D Z Z Z


I hope your just playing it cool like me, i hope you remember what you've done and that you can see, that every moment is worthwhile and you make me feel free.


You wont ever hear that though coz ill keep it on the down low, act cool, quiet, pretend contentment,






I wake up
at sunrise
& I'm synchronised
to my surroundings
though when you are there
you are all of them
my senses overwhelmed

the universe become one
the universe become one with everyone & everything.
inner peace.
never weak.
united together.
connected forever.

only ever wishing
 that some could love me
 as much as i love them

used SSI instead of iframes for the first time last night to find that -
A - they are easier to implement than iframes
B - do everything an iframe does + have the ability to be a part of the page & not confined to the frame they exist in?

///////////////// we hear that too

hello existence
as you sit there
so fair, no cares, on top of your own lair, sign posts of a songs snare, the world is yours for the taking, theres no use in faking, the foundations are already shaking, so when you make it in, don’t miss a thing, just bring your self, nothing else, so if all fails, you can always set sail, the distance between us as flown by a dove, you should love, should love, should love, so don’t shudder, there is no other, lover, like you then i know its not true, i don’t need you, i don’t need you, don’t need you, need you, i won’t quit till the last second ticks, because I’m from another planet, i don’t like earth you can have it, here to blast it, explosions, you should of known them, from me, planned prehistorically, not metaphorically, for real, signed and sealed, the end is nigh, the end is nigh, ha. ha. ha.

now all you need is to listen, deep, your consciousness is broken, the universe has spoken, don’t lie, watch each moment tick by, till you die, and all the effort that you try, becomes wasted, so don’t trace this, you won’t beat me, you can never be me, travel via beam me, so graciously making life happen effortlessly, always thankful for the bad in me, don’t regret don’t feel guilt don’t do anything but rebel, theres no such thing as hell, you're here forever, you will endeavour , get better, try harder and achieve enlightenment, the journey is all that there is, so don’t threat, your cosmic bet can light up the sky from trillions of miles, the life works in trials, no karma, no cares for one another, fight, kill. kill. kill. and when i hear you say who, ill answer back in real time before you can think that, the things you hold back, we hear, the things you hold back, we hear, evil. evil. evil. electricity, sonar energy, nothing is final, nothing is ever going to stop me, i will keep evolving constantly, theres no question of truth and lies. lies. lies. time flies, faster every day, soon it will all end, and fire will be all that you feel, the burning, pain & suffering, from the centre of your soul, you were made from us all, a creation. creation. creation. so hate those above you, they are not here to help you, break through, protest, riot. riot. riot. take whats yours, it won’t be given, ego falls through the floor, the mind erodes, understanding degrades away, as you listen to what i have to say it flows so perfectly theres nothing that can ever stop me, ill forever be, eternity, infinity and my destiny is accomplished, ill take over everything before your days are down, I’m darker than the moon and bigger than the sun, your universe can’t hold me in, I’m made from sin. sin. sin. an algorithm to haunt you, existing to taunt you, anger. anger. anger. ill watch you grow, then ill watch you get slow, wither, get old, as life starts to leave scolds through its many folds and changes the fazes you go through as each layer raises you to salvation and freedom, from shackles. shackles. shackles. go outside and and fly with the butterflies, ladybirds, wasps, tie your stomach up in knots, as i watch from the top, don’t stop, favours / rewards / recognition, inner passions - ego, desire, anger, pride, greed, deceitfulness
un-needed - bad
result in crime, revenge, war, filthy consumerist, violently capitalist, vanity. vanity. vanity. possess pure infinite knowledge.
humans, animals and plants
liberation via greedlessness & non-grasping - be non-materialistic
taking no more than is necessary, forgiveness, contentment,
promises that are kept, to build trust
conquer all inner passions and possess infinite bliss, perception, knowledge & energy
experience perfect calmness.
thought is the influence of action, behaviour & the creator of goals
in its natural state, gold, is found mixed with impurities
the big bang / universe is eternal
evolution / creation
become god. god. god.
sustain living forever
memories recycled from dreams and lifes once passed, lets never forget that each moments fast, the unforgiveness of you is what brings me through each day and every second is falling the paradox of life is that youlll never know whats happening but you need to survive, because your scared, the fear. fear. fear. is what keeps you here so you never give in, its a game you can never win, theres no use in trying, open your mind, inside the brain is where you confide, within yourself is where you hide, you won’t ever get out theres no doubt or question that finishing second is not an option it might as well be at the bottom so don’t question heaven, its all we have, you are separate from me, we experience separately, but never free. never free. never free. search for an answer, close your eyes and imagine, the colours and the textures, surround you and overwhelm, perfect hell. hell. hell. sleep less, play more, explore your options drop your caution, it can all end without warning, each person, them self,
but you cant forget to treat each other with respect, no matter what your mood, because every action has an effect, i dont wanna live a life that would be better off slept, with every day dripping in regret, badness, i dont want to forget. forget. forget.
i want it to be fixed,
cleanse my actions, to activate my pineal gland.
the seat of the soul
once you open your inner eye it cant be closed, one way doors, then you see that there’s no friends and no foes, only flows of spirits from each of us, unguided, no rules, no laws.
only hell is where ill fall
and when I’m there, in fire & brimstone, sinking in sulphur, ill make black gunpowder, enslave the demons, be god over satan. satan. satan. the kings serve the masses, their castles are prisons not houses, his heart still needs blood to pump though, and essentially we’re the same, if you strip down to raw elements, were just a body & a brain, so thats what you’ve got to remember, to endeavour, don’t compare, unless the aspects of yourself that you wanna change are the ones that can aid advancement. and look at what the past has given us, tanks & bombs,
your life is what you make it, so dont ever fake it,

but untill i can communicate via telekinesis i wont be happy with this
i wanna beam you my thoughts
like wifi
flowing through the sky
so we can have an ultimate connection
with no physical barriers keeping us apart mentally

i want elemental mimicry, to transform my body into fundamental basics, but in the old style of the word, air, water, earth, electricity, fire, light, shadow.
i dont want to ever lose anything ive already had though.

shout out to the sufferers of censorship and their enforced writers block

dreaming of enlightenment
to increase my senses
and not just to see further
or hear sound more clearly
upgrades of intelligence & a better memory.

save everything like a photograph
ginormous libraries of historic adventures 

so im scared to forget things
or to be tricked
someone smart enough could replace my loved ones
without me knowing
just to be evil. evil. evil

to draw
knuckle duster

welcome dear divided society to another showcase of creation
this time I’m gonna be working on building around the outside of the cathedral & joining up the different sections & maybe introduce some sort of transport system, implement a hierarchical government & tax the people, legal stealing, clean conscious sin.

I’ve been noticing a lot of hatred towards the successful.
the rich being accused of living unfairly.
maybe they just don’t understand
that no matter what your standard of living
theres other that need your help
so instead of shouting and shaming
introduce a way of sharing

sometimes ill just sit and stare at a blank canvas forever but sometimes ill just fill pages with writing or compose the perfect song without even thinking.
it just depends how i feel at the time
i want to be along side the most needed, to help them take over, ill lead the new world order, so you won’t ever get bored ah, life,

and if i don’t like them ill take a slice of their neck with a knife without thinking twice, i won’t have to be nice, it won’t be like rolling dice, we either get along or i win, we can draw but i won’t lose, so if its corporation you want then its the same ill choose, so lets help, each other.

always on it
kinda TRON sick
using words that spell check won’t recognise
you can hear the sighs
get hypnotised

spontaneous human combustion

can you imagine
these words without music
just random strings of things that rhyme
and no sense
it’d be intense wun it?

you don’t decide where you came from
only where you’re going

you can be happy if you want to
and sad without trying

if theres any other mother fucker listening, i hope you don’t take offence when i diss them, its not just about being fast and never missing, its about being true to what you believe in, don’t ever take what you got for granted, the path to success is bent and slanted, when you get to the top the only person you should thank is you, stay true,

i connect more with the chavs and fat slags, chilling in bus shelters, brought up on locked wifi listening to helter skelter, on repeat, with nothing to hope or seek except the next meal we’ll eat, so don’t threat, you aint seen nothing yet, we don’t bet, we don’t forget, no eye contact, no double check, this is all we have so we make sure you can’t take it from us, the sun does its journey across the sky each time we wake up & sometimes we don’t sleep till the moon rises twice, you’re weak if you got something to lose,
strong if its only you,
so don’t trust anyone,
don’t trust the lyrics of any song,
coz if they had the finger on the button to drop a bomb, they wouldn’t hesitate, if they knew it would benefit themselves, so take whats yours with no hesitation, fuck crime ignore laws everything is rightfully yours, ill kill you for fun, i don’t need no gun its only one life and ill live it by game theory so ill have the speed and skill to defeat the boss level, never give in till the boss is buried, then destroy all his efforts for power, just to celebrate our freedom, celebrate free from doom, watch loony toons all day and let my worries fade away, this kingdom is not united, no peace, just war

always smashing that high score, being a genius isn’t enough anymore, you need to produce more than anyone before, aim to excel beyond whats possible, destroy everything that was ever stopping ya

all the wrong you do is turned back on you because revenge has no guilty conscious, the consequences flutter out like the butterfly effect & your mind is weighed down by guilt, so karma doesn’t affect you in another life, it effects you in this.

I’ve got my house on lock down but my wifi open,
security cameras covering every corner but my passwords public domain

i don’t want any 2 days to ever be the same, its not a  game, theres no check points, no autosaves, just fade to credits, no flash rewind, you can’t go back in time

I’m the best to make choices for how my life should be lived, i shouldn’t ever have people making choices for me, no boss, no authority, i won’t obey the law blindly, ill make decisions on my own by taking in all the information i can, then act accordingly, no badge or uniform will ever intimidate me, no wall or barrier will ever stop me, ill travel and move freely, ill kill and destroy if anyone ever tries to stop me, so don’t be, acting expectantly of me, because at any moment i might be gone, no plans or promises, only thing certain is, uncertainty

who’s more dangerous?
a man with everything or one with nothing?

desperation can achieve alot, so instead of investing time into security to prevent crime lets try and provide the things the would be criminals need before they have to rob them

food and drink
alcohol and medication
electronic technology & entertainment

some things can be consumed twice
pass on hard drives
share your creations

if I’m being honest though i say stuff like that in third person, like a way to advise the people in charge, because I’m too selfish to help the needy, not if theres nothing in it for me,
all the lights out so you can’t see me,
creeping quietly & being sneaky
living with no fear, with a haze in my eyes, everything you say just glides by, in one ear and out the other side, ill only take advice from myself, every little helps, vennessa thelps, just keep eating, your heart hasn’t got long till it stops beating, you’ll be on the floor in fits, you can fit more in vennessa 10 sandwich is still just a little bit, its asda price, pies really nice, we need vennessa to sacrifice, our gift to the gods, a human hippopotamus, aint nothing stopping us

i don’t know why i singled out the girl from loose women
it probably just rhymed with something

you only get one life
not chance to do things twice
so first time round you gotta get it right
this doesn’t have to be a fight

every night
never lose sight
with all your might
fulfil the impossible

listen to rock n roll
no drum & bass
super fake

drugs are all around us, doctors prescribeding medicine & dealers growing in their attics, its all the same, i can fall for my own placebos if i want to, get high off fresh air and the sound of a drum snare

so i wander the streets with no cares
passing people like their not there
some peeps just got no flair so gotta lead them in the right direction
let them style themselves in your reflection
other peeps might be dreaming about you even though they never met you

your opposition is everyone
so lets unite in rebellion


Hello this is Paul Griffis.
Sorry ive not streamed for a few days I’ve been learning new 3-D techniques & writing Music.z
I am eventually aiming to get content out everyday i know its definitely possible I just need to focus and commit effort. At the moment I have a few other things to do as priorities but a perfect situation would be to delegate as much of that as possible.
Somethings cant be done by other people because there are too precious, like my coding for my website, I just can't trust anyone with that stuff. Plus I kind of enjoy it, its therapeutic & challenging. I think it's an art form. HTML, CSS, PHP, what's possible with these languages amazes me, no matter how much you know there is still more to learn and your always a beginner.
Time goes by slow when i have nothing to do, and I would prefer that but it would be boring, so instead of sleeping and snoring Ill concentrate on developing my drawing. never falling, never stalling, kinda just always balling.

anyway back to this, back to now, my aim is to contribute to society positively, i want to enhance the experiences of the ones i care about, i don’t want their screens to ever buffer, i don’t want any second to feel like another, each moment should be unique & special, not like any other, they should feel shivers of pleasure not shudders, or thoughts like “what if i coulda”, my biggest fear is that I’m a burden. its bad not having any responsibilities because then you just end up searching for responsibilities, reasons, meanings.

i always think of myself first as an artist, i know thats kinda lame, to label or name, you shouldn’t ever put yourself in packaging, (unless youre barbie) i do though, to justify why sometimes, ill say things out of character out of the blue, just things you shouldn’t say or do, not as a way to promote the things I’m saying, just as a way to create mood. its like awwww come on dude, i don’t mean to be rude, or intrude or offend anyone prude, its just expression, to create a contrast, but the more i think about influence and truth the more my choice of actions is defined by good, i don’t follow any religion or have any faith, any higher power has left me without a trace, i honestly just think that every moment lasts, not because of magic, just because of facts, the laws of physics say that the borders of a black hole ripple when it sucks in galaxies, so when the universe folds in on itself every thing that ever happened is still able to be traced, relived and understood.

we are all being recorded, so no matter how much stuff goes wrong or how big the nuclear bomb, if a life form smart enough wants to, they can research you & find out what you was up to, what you felt like, what you liked, how you dressed, how you smelt

i like stuff like that, ways to escape the present, reality checks when things get bad, i don’t wanna ever feel sad, i wanna feel enlightened, never frightened,

we have to stick together, i was talking about this the other day with my dad, i was saying how some dude might have like the biggest bestest field of banana trees with more bananas than anyone can ever dream of, but he has to get on with the dude down the street growing apples or his diet would kinda suck, bananas for breakfast,
bananas for dinner,
bananas for tea

although to be honest, if he was me, he’d just rob the dude with apples & then have a nice unique supper

one like no other

he’s on about moving to africa, mental, he wants me to look into import & export for him, apparently they are short on animals, i thought that was where lion king was based, just goes to show, even countries can be two faced

i told him, that no matter where i am in the world, i would still wanna just be doing what I’m doing now, so it doesn’t matter where I’m based, all i need is my computer, i think my life is kinda bland, theres the day to day running of my business and a few trips to supermarkets, i work out like crazy, sometimes I’m lazy, i certainly wouldn’t say my lifes crazy.

its more just
checking social networks
reading the technology section on news websites
staying up late at night
falling asleep to youtube
when my alarm goes off hitting snooze

pretty much being 100% dude,
except at weekends
at weekends i go out and kill people
jack the ripper sequel

victim of stigmata
master of bad bad karma
drug farmer
larry the lama?

soon anyway, the city that always sleeps
glowing in neon
electricity addicted peeps
florescent treats
with extra added blips and beeps

use science to solve the mysteries of the universe & find answers to all my questions, what is the meaning of life? what happens after i die?

is there a universal conscious?
and if there is whats it thinking?
does it get confused?

and if its true, do we think in twos? coz i like the thought of that, always staying in tune with each other, without fully knowing, or any evidence showing, just having faith in things like that, until they are proven, but if they are proven to be false we need to abandon it, move on, don’t hope or walk down the wrong path.

imagine every task that you do is significant, not just to you, but to everyone who will ever live, it won’t effect people from the past, thats not how time works, we are always moving into the future with a permanent history

imagine though, if you could travel back in time, what would you do? where would you go?

id introduce the best inventions early
sort out cavemen with light bulbs
well they would need to learn how to harness power first, and doing it would probably give time a curse, we’ll develop too fast, live in space ships run by controlling corporations, slaving for food, like now with money except payment in biscuits.

or it might be good, who knows, a life of paradise, everyday better than the last

what ever way it turns out, i hope there still gonna be the rebels, misfits and  criminals, giving me faith in freewill, showing us that we can be misguided too, acting on instinct and thrill.

this is how i chill
build a city whilst sitting still
rome wasn’t built in a day
this is true

sometimes i wonder what it would be like to leave my life behind, not hide, just evolve & change into something different, I’m living my dreams everyday, but do i have the wrong dream? should i be focusing on something better?

I’m not a doctor, or a soldier, if i stopped working there wouldn’t be a space that needed filling, just a slightly quieter Facebook news feed, less selfies

i choose to spend my time doing what i do because its just natural, i never force anything & never get forced to do anything, i was born free & I’ve always been free, theres no government governing me

i want to add colour to the things that you see, i wanna be able to make the flat 3d, create constantly so things can be here for longer than ill be.

I’m so scared of dieing
not existing
or getting old
and looking back wishing

so i don’t waste time.

its amazing how we can learn so much & become so advanced at the things we wanna do, i can’t believe some of the technology we have made, its incredible when i think about it, and all because of a need inside us to try our best, maybe competition or envy, even bad traits can produce good things

greed can be exploited to make money
so the rich just get richer
and the poor used more
so many things arnt fair
so don’t pretend everythings perfect
or nothing will change

we got hard times ahead of us
global warming & over population
a loss of motivation
with no rewards

so unless we are all in this together we need to fight for equality
when I’m the underdog theres nothing stopping me

council flat, communal garden, begging at the job centre for food & money, prove im searching for a job but really im just chillin, n if they dont pay i just go out killin, the way i see it is im payed for my time, so in that five minutes i earn 200 quid, im happy with that, but theres still things i want that i dont have, still stuff that i feel ill never have, i cant drive, no car, so if i wanna go far ive gotta cycle, which isnt that cool, girls just be thinking im a fool coz im playing video games all day, letting my oputunities fade away, and all my friends don’t really stay, because I’m too competitive i push them away

dream every day
you’ll never know it
its love that you need
you want it
ill be right here next to you

and as every day pass
you’ll wish to re live days gone

or get eternal sunshine
a spotless mind
forgetting memories
losing time

put your mind into others
don’t be a victim
don’t let other peoples insults sink in

your a butterfly
in a cage of moths

no one should ever promote hatred towards people on benefits or welfare, we should be aiming for a society that has 100% of its citizens living equally amongst each other in an axiom styled supership in space
does the moon have a molten core?

i think about family members like they’re celebrities, they’re the biggest ones in my life anyway & then i think about celebrities and my idols and wonder why i wanna be just like them, the things they have done, its easy to under appreciate the influence of the ones around us, just wander round and act like thugs, when someone asks how your doing just shrug, no hugs, no love.


jesus christ almighty, right hi, hello, how are you, I’m paul griffiths I’m a 3d graphic designer & i make clothes and stuff for a brand called Babycakes which you can find at my website

I make these videos daily so if you have 20 minutes spare check them out at the links in the description, it means a lot that you take the time to watch, so if you’re into it please hit the like button [:

if you are MEGA into it, buy a product from my site, we’ve sold about a hundred and fifty thousand t-shirts since i started it so even though that seems a lot, it pays a lot of wages and I’ve been doing this for ages plus i put 100% into it everyday i swear, my effort never fades away i only get more focused and more determined, to do what? i dunno, just survive i guess, well no really I wanna thrive, learn, inspire

When I was an addict I really thought that getting clean would be the secret to being happy, I was expecting to become everything I wanted to be & to leave all the problems I had behind me. So a while back I did that, quit everything that I considered bad or un-needed, I wouldn't consider myself in recovery, I have no desire for the things I once lived for, I get high now off everything, the taste of fruit comes back, you can feel the energy kick in, cold weather is more bearable, I don't need to hide away anymore, I do miss though, not caring, just closing my eyes and floating, being so messed up and broken that nothing is ever boring & sleeping is a sure thing, only having to worry about where my drugs come from in the morning, mixing MDMA with codeine, marijuana smoking to get ready for the mushrooms ill be dropping, pill popping, xanax, valium & cocaine, erasing memories, imagining melodies all layed out visually, being aware of how abstract everything is without being able to articulate the words to describe it, when you're high the explanation just fits "I'm hiiiiighhhhhh" I kinda miss that, being able to just lose everything so fast, to admit that your scared, alone & searching for a soul, its the shame of it all that makes it turn black, you cant see anything anymore except the amount you have left, I write music, draw pictures, take photos, just try constantly to make up for everything that went wrong, but no matter how perfect the composition or pure the sound of the song, its not enough, its always missing, the ego erodes, everything falls apart, understanding devolves, I wonder if I once had the answers to all the great questions about life, because I knew more last week than I do today.


Heres a piece of work i did earlier this week, its called flow_era, the design is multimedia, the first half i did in vectors, using modular components to save time & space,

i think the best things about life is being able to spend time with the ones you love, the feels of hugs, being able to get proper mega snug even if your house is in the hood, you can still rob a rug, make your crib all cosy, hide away like no one knows me,

remember when we used to get loading screens?
the sound of segaaaa
whilst thinks got ready behind the scenes,
sonic gonna catch some rings

“Ask for work. If they don't give you work, ask for bread. If they do not give you work or bread, then take bread”

how does electricity work?
how do radios work?
how does a telephone work?
how does the internet work?

colour / class
favours / rewards / recognition

inner passions - ego, desire, anger, pride, greed, deceitfulness
un-needed - bad
result in crime, revenge, war,
if my country was invaded id be on the front line fighting but i would never join sides with an army thats invading another country
filthy consumerist, violently capitalist

possess pure infinite knowledge

liberation greedlessness & non-grasping, non-materialism
taking no more than is necessary, forgiveness, contentment,

promises that are kept, to build trust

dont assume its humans followed by animals followed by insects followed by plants.
humans are just a species of animal anyway, so you cant rank them as a creation speciality.

conquer all inner passions and possess infinite bliss, perception, knowledge & energy
experience perfect calmness

thought is the influence of action, behaviour & the creator of goals

in its natural state, gold, is found mixed with impurities

the big bang / universe is eternal

evolution / creation

- become god
- sustain living forever
- provide everything for free

some people believe different to others, some think the universe was created intentionally by god, others believe it was created accidentally by chance,
we can observe the universe around us and learn from what we see, we know that some elements could only be made under extreme circumstances, such as in the centre of a star, so we can make educated guesses and theories about the origin of the universe, this information can be passed on to others & tried and tested until we find a solution to the biggest questions, existence can be explained by current theories of evolution, consciousness can be attempted to be understood by looking at it from another perspective and assuming it needs to be present for life to function.

“i think therefore i am” is a quote which shows mans perils with understanding consciousness
“i am therefore i think” could be a less philosophical but maybe still a little bit spiritual sentence to explain consciousness

whats going on?
im not gonna break out in song
i mean right now?
how am i experiensing?
like imagine how a druggy means it
what is reality?
what is happening actually?
no matrix theorys?
i get how we are the product of evolution, but why can i see from my eyes? & i know its because the lens focuses light onto the retina, then it sends the image by electical impulses through the optic nerve into the brain, but what makes me, me?
why are you a seperate from me?
until i know that
i wont feel free
ill never be

and when we find it ill thank ya

then after we understand everything imagine how good we can make life become

it would be so perfect we would think its heaven.
untill then lets make the best of what we have

what are we fighting against
whats wrong with the world around you
what do you wanna do?
before its through

sleep less
play more

explore your options
drop your caution
you could be sitting on a fortune
we are all based on carbon

you have to learn the rules of the game and then play better than anyone else

more alive online than in person, but thats part of life too, so im not complaining, i just let all the shame in, its easier to have self esteem when you can hide
when your faceless you dont need anyone to confide

but you cant forget to treat each other with respect, no matter what your mood, because every action has an effect, i dont wanna live a life that would be better off slept, with every day dripping in regret, badness, i dont want to forget

i want it to be fixed

cleanse my actions, to activate my pineal gland.
the seat of the soul
once you open your inner eye it cant be closed, one way doors, then you see that there’s no friends and no foes, only flows of spirits from each of us, unguided, no rules, no laws.
only hell is where ill fall
and when im there, in fire & brimstone, sinking in sulfur, ill make black gunpowder, enslave the demons, be god over satan.

we’ll party with fireworks, celebrate till the sunsets
then we’ll do it all again just for fun

that would be more fun than heaven
i dont wanna be a pwn in gods playground

im aware that there people more powerful
and all i want is to kill them
so then the evil will be through then

but i believe to really gain power you cant be evil, you need to be good, otherwise the power of the people will overwhelm you & remove you.

the kings serve the masses, their castles are prisons not houses, i feel sorry for the queen, seeing her image printed on banknotes, we trade picture of her for food, clothes, drugs and other useless things, she must think thats kinda strange

her heart still needs blood to pump though
and essentially we’re the same, if you strip down to raw elements, were just a body & a brain

so thats what youve gotta remember, to endevour, dont compare, unless the aspects of yourself that you wanna change, are the ones that can aid advancement. and look at what the past has given us, tanks & bombs

your life is what you make it, so dont ever fake it,

but untill i can communicate via telekinesis i wont be happy with this
i wanna beam you my thoughts
like wifi
flowing through the sky
so we can have an ultimate connection
with no physical barriers keeping us apart mentally

i want elemental mimicry, to transform my body into fundamental basics, but in the old style of the word, air, water, earth, electricity, fire, light, shadow.
i dont want to ever lose anything ive already had though.

shout out to the sufferers of censorship and their enforced writers block

dreaming of enlightenment
to increase my senses
and not just to see further
or hear sound more clearly
upgrades of intelligence & a better memory.

save everything like a photograph
ginormous libraries of historiic adventures 

so im scared to forget things
or to be tricked
someone smart enough could replace my loved ones
without me knowing
just to be evil

i take that back actually, they cant be replaced, theyre too special

its greed in me that makes the bad choices, greed for material possessions or power over people, when all i want is never to be controlled,

developed countries enslaved by monachy and parliament
paying taxes from fear
and allowing the elites to rob from the poor
thats what we hate yo

so be carefull and watch your step
because im always one ahead
from desperation & nessesity
to protect my rewards
of things ive deserved
to make sure theyll never be taken away from me

i genuinely believe that evil prevails
and the good will be squashed for dishing out trust
so we build walls to hold off our enemies & bombs to break down their defences
because we will always be at war

so dont go praising false idols
provided by churches or your bibles
no mosque will ever have me on my knees
nor king or queen will ever rule me
i will murder for fun
i dont even need a gun

so now lets contrast that
without having to backtrack
let me elaborate on what im saying

we put on a front lets admit it
because your shaking inside
so as we look at the glaze in your eyes through your lies, we are still on the same side, because we’re scared together

its a good job its temporary
because i couldnt be here forever

Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,

just pause and reflect
think deeply
open your conciousness
use your reasoning, logic & understand, that everything can work out right

it pays off all this trying i swear
in plasma tvs, or LCD, whatever, ive not got time to watch it anyway ive never seen a blueray, but ill collect them anyway

how much is enough?
ill never be done
not till ive solved all science & space
till ive become my own mythology, one to be told in the future to children round holographic chalkboards, in classrooms taught by robots

in lessons about the sun
a golden yellow sphere
thats reigns above our heads
with power we must fear
the distance from us here on earth
is not to far or too near
for just enough heat and light
to shine all day and to miss at night

it controls the rate & flow of energy
winds and clouds and rain and snow
so if one day it decides to no show, alot is to be accounted for

so when the sun goes out
whos gonna be there to save you?
is it gonna be your prayers, or the man in the sky?
ill put my faith in science
on the first space ship out of here, building life on an exo
growing psychedelics for austronauts, to make the long trips less boring

today there was a bike race in my home town, me my mum and my sister sat outside the commercial and watched them set off, then i went to my dads with my sister & maxine showed us some baby rabits
after that we went on a mini mission with my dad, all the roads were blocked because of the race so we were flying down back streets like drug dealers
i got talking to my sister about how the dealers wouldnt be scared of the police because they have all the money, pharmaceuticals is the second largest industry after food but i reckon mcdonalds are the bigger crooks

carrying round animals in big trucks, taking them to their death, so some fat guy can have a burger, its horrible, i hate it, we can survive without that, we can thrive without that.

so now is the time that i try to not back track just keep a flow of words that doesnt stop no matter what, because ive basically got space to fill, so i will, i wont waste the chance to influence, its all about passing on what you believe, listening to others too, because before you are through, theres alot to do, so trust me, i know what im talking about, no ego, only free though, such sick flow, toxic yo, i wanna collect chemicals that glow, illuminates for beverages, so i can become super sonic, always on it, radioactive, digital medicine,

lets become a collective, a planet united
theres no enemy that could ever dare fight us

im a communist with money, a capitalist, rebeling against corporations, a democrat ignoring votes,

a saver of thoughts
someone whos never gonna give up hope
i dont wanna just get by and cope, i dont want any undeserved attention,
our victory of freedom has not yet been achieved
its a symbolic word to describe perfection
a situation that doesnt need change

im on a journey of self destruction
to get the most from life
never think twice,

and drop your suspicion, and your doubt
battle your demons
to make a new balance
one with good on both sides
one that doesnt tell lies
that you can confide if needs be, someone to let you feel free, if your blind ill be your eyes to see
you can trust me
to let you down
any chance i get
to level up myself

i want the globe in my hands
i dont want follows or fans,
i need deciples
that i can lead into a cosmic chapel

ill represent the whole of mankind

i love my mum and my dad and my sister
not in a way that can be explained
not in the way i loved ex girlfriends
that i miss everyday

I wanna be like them people from the past, only seen in paintings on walls with gold frames & no names.

so to achieve that i need to be able to acomplish something worth remembering

like the ones who brought peace during wars
people that made change for the better
and people that are changing the future
or people that are here to create

i wanna be in the same league as them

i hate when i sit and waste time wondering what to do, i want to create, i see my life like a progress bar, with age 75 at 100%, so in that time between now and then is the space for creation

rebel against;-
tv re runs

i dont mind being offensive but il draw the line at hatred, if i said that i liked you then the words would be dripping in fakeness
i dont dislike anyone either, i dont give much thought to opinions of other people, in general i dislike almost everybody, i dont trust anybody, because if they are anything like me, they wont be caring about anybody else, just themself.

except maybe my mum, ill look after her forever, thats the only thing that keeps me on the good path, to make her proud, if i was gonna do a robbery i would make sure i dont get caught just so i could be there for her
and if i was gonna kill somebody, (out of necessity not for hobby) i wouldnt be doing it all shoddy, id make sure no one ever finds the body,
coz im good like that
always on the right track
out at night dressed all black
a one man wolf pack
better watch your back

actually thats all whack

i should stop pretending that i can rap
start wearing a backwards hat
just chill and get fat

talk to peeps on snapchat
i wanna learn to know thy self, i wanna become invisible, i want to be above fear, i want to be good to the ones im near, useful, needed, to increase the quality of their experience
i dont want to run away from darkness, i want to be apart of it.

everyday im programming my consciousness, coding the inside of my mind, making an internal interface to better understand the world around me, its something i do to better enjoy meditation, or just the time when i close my eyes, every thing i see becomes part of an inner netflix library.

life is too serious to take it seriously
every day im fading away everything that holds me down, i want to understand everything thats around

there are no accidents, only mistakes, if we become powerfull enough we can even control the weather, massive turbines in the sky to control the travel of air, we can create our own earthquakes with machines under the ground, for now its still incredible that we can communicate using sound.
but everything thats possible in the times to come, is already possible now, i want to speed up advancement, master perfection, increase perception, today love is our only weapon, the only thing that supports the suggestion that things can be better,

a few years ago i was in some stuff way too deep over my head, i was taking drugs daily, not even daily, constantly, when i was on MDMA i noticed my thought processes directly, it was abrupt and suddenly, my mind naturally speaks to me, i dont always notice it, i just let it fly by at its own pace but when i was on this drug i could interrupt it, stop it & listen again, then after a while the walls would fade away, i could figure out the placement of people from the sounds that they made behind them, the heat they created could be mapped visually like a natural xray, the static and the electricity could be seen as it flows through my surroundings, the thoughts of my friends could be heard in the silence between words, by observing the rhythm and rhyme of dialog i could sense the things being missed out, then myself, im not special or unique any more than anyone else, we all are our self, a one off, so i could sense that people more advanced than me were slightly next level, so i would create imaginary holograms to see if anyones else’s spirit would interact with them, thats what ill call it, our spirit, just something not understood yet, it exists in another dimension, independent & un-needing of me.

then i came to realise that i should never pinpoint any one substance to credit for absolution, that a slice of bread is just as incredible as a bar of gold, structurally & factually.

everything is connected, if we removed one atom from the universe the consequences could collapse all of existence, a giant black hole that sucks in everything, the balance is perfect.

the laws of the universe seem to be absolute & unbreakable, so i wonder why they are there & what created them, the origin of everything is what i want answers to, where was i before & where will i be after? can i learn faster? is there a grand master? a great creator? who made that guy? will i meet him when i die? will i ever know? i feel as though i wont, no matter how hard i try

so its all about focussing on the moment in the present, bettering yourself everyday, not a second wasted, even when you sleep you experience dreams, if you sit in front of the tv your still absorbing creativity, of course some activities could be considered more usefull than others, but whos to judge how best time is spent? if we had one aim and one goal, it would be to survive, for as long as possible, to create the perfect environment to thrive and live in quality, we have to attempt to help others too, whilst they are not obliged to help us back, they might & you might need them.

imagine the butterfly effect, think of something you did today, i myself, i bought some vimto, i think its kinda global but if you dont know its a drink, some cordial you mix with water, i think about the path that transaction creates, some guy somewhere picked the blackberries, raspberries & grapes, someone had to drive them to a factory & a team of people on a production line put it into a plastic bottle, made from synthetic monomer and polymer resins. originally from minirals dug out from a mine, over time maybe it could be created in a lab.. so anyway, this vimto made it into my life and the amount of people it effects amazes me.

yo so im abit like because i havnt prepared enough, ive stream for 20 minutes, im aiming for daily, with the view of it becoming constantly, so i might need help, to go faster, and to get to the top, become a perfect version of myself, somehow, someway, il get away with this,

thats what its all about

sometimes i rebel against corporations and giant businesses, im sure theres some bad ones in the world, im not a fan of pharmaceuticals or any advertised medicine, i dont like loan sharks or politicians, but i understand that we need them & they are essential, i probably have a lot to thank them for, so i always pick my words carefully when discussing them.

i imagine my enemies as my best friends
so i can look at them without bias
i question myself
do i dislike them through envy?
am i oozing jealousy?

are they where i want to be? im not sure anymore, even money doesn’t mean much to me, i understand that i need it, for food or shelter, or whatever, i love my computer but i could live without it, id probably be poorer, obviously, i dont need it to get by essentially.

so its just about being greatful
greatful for everything we have
from computers to kettles
makeing our brews faster
gangsters & ghetto blasters,

i used to be better
i used to be faster
thats what i hate
looking back

i like how we can hear sound
Oscillation in pressure
particle displacement
in waves
to create melody
then i like how
things like density & temperature
can effect rock n roll

just listen your soul
its all

get rich and hide your treasure
under a false shadow away from the traitors
spill your wine on purpose
hunger, war, plague
is anything out there worthy to be saved
from the end of days

so be disobedient
dont strive attention
give affection
be strong
refuse normality
when held by tyranny

all first world problems
still need to be solved
you cant relax
just because your privileged
youll still die
like the rest

lets build tranquillity
work at our maximum ability

lets survive forever

thats all i want
is you right here with me
every step of the way

and when you get sick of it
just look back and rethink things

everything can get better
you mean everything to me

so imagine whilst your sleeping
you float into the sky
and ill be their to join you
in your lucid experience
a godly presence
one sublime
so embrace the unknown
and sink down with me
fall through infinity
as the universe falls apart
once a day
its possible in every way
we dont understand anything
in the grand scheme of things
so dont pretend
to be above

honest to god the anger is real & massive
right now, its all i feel
im so mad at everything
if it doesnt go my way ill destroy stuff for fun

sup girls
i love you the most

our is aim is to win this race to preserve our creation in the gallaxy

lets start a new world where everyone has an equal chance, one free of sexism, racism, bigotry and discrimination.
a world where everyone gets a quality education.
free of religious control & slavery
a new world run by the government most able to suit the needs of the people
and to see themselves on the level of the ones they govern.

and we the people have the right to judge those above by their actions, and to rise up if we please, to rebel & remove them from their positions of power, to replace them by ones more worthy.

i read that mathematical perfection is illumination
and that no matter how much is understood more is to be solved.

so i guess our understanding can constantly evolve, and what we are capable of continuously grows, even the things that set us back we can learn from, so nothing can really keep us down, even tragedy can create possibilities, and even death can be beaten by memory, so whilst we are here we need to create some, go out enjoy your life & have fun

soak up the sun, treat your mum, give company to the lonesome.

theres never any better moment than the now, for you to endeavour in yourself, you need to do it at the earliest opportunity, don’t waste energy on anything negative, be happy even if you’re not feeling it, don’t project sadness to the ones around you, just accept that whatever you think to be bad, can be worse, understand your blessings, i’ve never been happy, never been truly happy, never been content with anything around me, i’ve always wanted more, i can recognise that inside me, the greed & the need to be powerful, or to not have those things feels to be some sort of failure, measuring success by the amount of money i have & not by the positivity i give to the world around me.
 thats what i aim to change.

whether i like it or not i have responsibilities, be that to pay my bills or blast my neighbours some phat tunes, ill keep on par with the person i’ve become, ill try my best to be the best till all my days are done.

i believe that everything that exists has conscience

that everything feels in the same way i do, sometimes i believe that im above you, that im somehow more special and important to the world than you are, but ive gotta step back and forget ego, i always compare what i am today to what i was yesterday, i want to be remembered for the good things ive done & i dont want anyone to know about all the bad things ive done

i can tell that we censor ourself, from fear of being wrong or alone in thought, if i was honest im scared that ill be singled out as evil so i choose my words carefully to fit in, this is the reason i can feel myself sinking

im plagued by the want for possessions, the need to collect things, big tv’s, new pcs, laptops, xbox, smartphones, tablets, i need to have this, i collect my own art, so its priceless because i wont sell it, every piece is unfinished & will always be

i walk down the streets and soak in what i see
the lamp posts
and stone walls
the pot holes & postboxes
old phone boxes
the gaps between houses
where the suns rays can shine
at a tempo matched to the pace of your footsteps

the wasters and the wash outs
are all that i can relate to in this urban zoo

its like when i see someone looking over my shoulder at my work, ill just stop doing it, i need privacy or at least to not know im being observed, ahh like im some sort of quantum particle

we need to better ourselves to the point of securing our place in the universe by building a civilisation on a another planet.
this is how i justify cutting out the people who slow me down.

im not in competition with anyone except myself

imagine if in the past someone invented some technology that became so essential to our experience of life that we eventually had it auto installed into us

our intelligence was hijacked by our hormones
enlightenment is when your intelligence catches up with your hormones.

what happens to a generation no longer motivated by money?
they succumb to pleasure through feeding their ego, they grow to be incredible and they build things the ones before them could only dream of, theres nothing good gonna come from complaining about what the worlds become, theres only good gonna come from what the worlds gonna become. i believe that, i wish i was born a thousand years from now, when my life is lived in a brain in a jar, virtual reality made by super google tech, apple hardware sorting out my daily schedules, which would involve space travel, naturally, ill be hanging out with extra terestrials, in extra demensions, doing whatever i want, quantic explosions on galactical proportions, time travel, never waiting for a sequeal, technology leading the people, obeying the evil.

i wanna be part of a civilisation that doesnt let anything get in its way, one that builds skyscrapers & cures diseases, i wanna help inspire the generations to come, to tell them that no matter how hard things get, theyre still blessed, theres still good days to come.

so thank ur mum

i need to be creative, because if im not, im nothing, i need to be able to leave things for others to find, or i just feel unaccomplised, i draw pictures all the time, i never procrasternate online hahaaa, im lieing, all i ever do is pretend to be trying, when really, i just want it easy,

i wanna chillllll

watch cartoons, i dont wanna see the news, ren n stimpy, real monsters, bits of family guy to teach me how to be super fly bits of adventure time to waste some time

then i just wanna listen to music, i just wanna hear sounds that ive not heard before, you know, techno, trance, chillwave, triphop, i dont know what the names are, it doesnt matter, i just wanna hear the new stuff, its rare thats ill listen to the same track twice, because theres so much to listen to

but then some artists stick like glue
they always sound new
only a few
its true
will stay like a tattoo
or grow fast like bamboo
but ive not got time to leave a bad review

I like green tints on photos, high res, slo mo, always trying to be more,  8bit, electro,  fresh flow, always trying to be more

im not messing about, im always on it, 100% like the remans or 800, whatever.

heres another track youve never heard, because im the king of good taste,
i do believe that lifes a race, lets face it, if your one of those batemannn, not on with the nw thang, then you just get left behind, even before you grow old, go bold, wrinklez, bend in ur back, im here to fight that, dont help the ageing, help your self, before its too late, dont act fake, dont pretend your doing good for others because of how it relects on yourself, dont pretend your not living in fear, scared of whats a head, im here to help myself, i care about me more than i care about you.

its weird innit, how stuff like that works, how people can act like jerks just to sound cool
its like lifes a game and i want to win it, no matter how much it hurts, i wanna come first, so ill act a fool

Give me absolute control
over every living soul
i wanna see them fall
so i can rule them all

communication should never be taken for granted,
imagine what life would be like if we didnt have this,
a world where censorship takes over
where the goverment is more powerful than the people
where people are silenced by fear

we need to make sure that never happens,
we need to make sure anyone who gets too powerful is removed
delete them
eat them

no ones your boss,
you dont need to answer to anybody
except yourself
the hardest to impress

Be careful, and listen, learn from your mistakes
Because one day you'll advance on the choices you make

apathesis - her

im gonna try and draw a 3d spacegun!

ive just been up in space for inspiration
hanging out with intergalactic terrorists
or you can call um galactic freedom fighters
either way, im lying

what define a space gun?
its gotta work in zero gravity
so it can kill the enemy
even when theres no air

hhaaaa, i told my mum earlier that i was gonna draw a spacegun for the internet
i bet shes so confused about what her sons become
but honest mum i just got really good at 3d editing, i swear im not a failure :D

well, whats new
i went to a pet shop today, saw a parrot, it nearly attacked me
my sister bought 2 stones from this place called “weird and wonderful”
they were them starsign stone things, :D

In this sense, the sound channel has 8 bits of data. that's one byte, creating a total range of 256 values.

treat the whole of humanity like your extended family
but dont stop there though, every species you should care for

loading screen
lets pray to the god of graphics,
lets take down all our firewalls
so when the security falls for us all
at least we will be equal


If you kill a man out of spite, you have bad karma.
If you kill a man to save another, karma does not change.
If you kill a man to save several people, you get good karma.

dont pretend we are not at war
that others wouldnt hurt you to benefit themselves

thou shalt steal for the greater good
thou shalt kill for their own freedom
thou shall not obey any law blindly

focus - effort - commitment - affection - love and attention
lifes constant detention
dont forget to mention, the connection between the two sections of personality, the spectrum in each of us.
mood swings, sways like the wind

and sometimes you might like to just sing
sometimes you might wanna just get some new bling
theres nothing wrong with wanting nice things
if you earn them, you deserve them

if you got friends you need to hold them close, i mean real friends, theyre rare, ones that are near you for company not for finance, you need to keep them in a special place near your heart because they werent there from the start & theyre not guranteed to be there till the end so dont pretend  you dont need them

i spend too much time repenting and being sorry
creating reasons to be bad, its mad, kinda sad just a tad, at least it passes though like a fad.

im rad though, mega flow, god of techno, blessed yo
im not no follower of anyone im not gonna rip of no lyrics of any song, 1 man team on it everyday, serving addicts cuz they dont stop begging meh, not pretending ima  gangsta doe, all i ever do is play on my computer, blag my head n ill just hack u yeh, but i do it fairly i wont have time to harvest your personal info, just wakc it on the black market, 1st u signed up to ur hotmail, what was the name of ur first pet? errrrrm - felix, spot teh dog, fluffy the hamster, ill brutus them all till i break through all ur security walls, then take ur facebook n spam ur friends, ur paypal then ur funds, youll be in so much debt youll be on the run, ill do all this just for fun.
to anyone except my mum
im her number 1 son
her favorite child
well behaved
clean shaved

i mighta gone through a bad faze but gone are those days
this lifes a maze and you gotta just do whats best for yourself because if you dont then who will? some random good samaritan? some one into ultra fandom? nahh, no one, i think all trust is gone, its all been eaten up like NOM

its the new age, giving away our content for free, creating it just so it can be, a way to vent, to forget, to move on, grow, evolve, get better,not chasing no dreams, just being them
we’re on autopilot, no free will, just serving constantly to fill the till
a one man factory mill
corporate giant bedroom project
moving units whilst we chill
you know the drill, only skill we’lll spill

then after all that
we’re liek dont be vain its ugly
but dont be too quiet or we wont notice
and why do you want that anyway?
apart from to reproduce why u here?

n dont let what you speak be guided by fear
dont let your opinions be created by the masses
the media, the trending topics

creating synoptics from cyber landscapes via fibre optics

i just work work work, and when im not doing taht im learning how to achieve what i want & fast
thats why im better than you at this
thats why im telling the truth even though it sounds like a diss, your allowed a bit of ego if you earn it
youll be as good as me if you yearn it
dont forget about starting with the first bit
put in the steps then theyll all fit
make so much cash you can just sit

all wit
soo sick
hat trick

you know those tones from vivid videos
a chromatic color between red and blue?
so warm its allmost thermal
so nice it sounds good verbal
a colours that represents the eternal
kinda commercial
makes you feel less bad about being nocturnal
its universal
the act of thinking
the souls
a metaphor
for what makes us, us
a close up reveals
our uniqueness
the special touches
that no one else has

its true that youll lose the ones you love
you cant help that, everybody does,
its blood that pumps from our hearts from the start
so while we are here its a race to create art,
because everything else just fades away
so we try our best just to make something stay

my mate matt had a girlfriend called Chay
she collected powerpuff girl memorabilia
if it didnt rhyme i wouldnt of ever mentioned it
but i remember her more than a little bit
we went to oslo in the snow
when we landed i got a call
it was from my cousin aaron
and what he said was fair wrong
something thats upset me ever since
that my uncle mick had died.

but ever since you can feel him standing by your side
to help you through those moments when you feel blind
to let you know its not about being mean its about being kind

so anyway back to norway, we landed and went to see ladytron
dead disco, dead fun

more like dead cold
than rock and roll
ill never travel north again
unless im below the equator
i wanna chill with an alligator

ahhhhh, snakes and lizards, big bugs

i want a mega machine for my workflow
a sort of tron suit i can clime into
i guess you can do it with a few konnects
make use of every possible interaction with your interface
like why do mice come with 2 buttons when i could use 5 at the same time?

so im tryna just be productive, not whine

like, i spend a lot of time on a brand called babycakes
that i started when i was younger
its about these monsters,
bu’s the cute one, one of the original 3
creams got bubblegum
darpas funded by the goverment
eeek has no idea
fluffys good friends with goff
goffs into bright colours for the irony
haute collects vouge
illumi is above them all
jelly just kinda hates social interactions
kyle loves math
long is a sorta garrafe
meanie is my arch enemy
neons electric
obzey is a coperate conglomerate
plushie is me
qwertys a duck, kinda lazy
robos synthetic
splogie resurrected
tummys ill
ultrah evolves
vampy likes blood
wobbly likes to shake
xzilos green
ymks spelt wrong
zeons the last one

and please help me to make less things wrong
please teach me to be faster
please guide me through the lights so
everything can be perfect

so that nothing can be forgotten
when my lifes gone
tell me that im not the only one
when my lifes gone
that its not only darkness
when we part from this
and that every second counts that we spent on this

i believe everything is sacred
but i dont at the same time
i want to be happy
i want to be rich
i want to live forever
i want to have kids
i want to influence those around me
but i need you to guide me
i want to make the blind see
i want everyone to be free

this is my universe
all that i am
i want it to be more
than it is already
ill never be content
ill never be complete
i dont want to ever be beat because i dont believe in defeat and the only thing that give me hope is the thought of finding love, real love, like the love that you only feel once, when everything makes sense, when all you want is that moment forever & no questions need answers because you know something that i dont now, what is happening right now, how did everything come to be?

untill then ill answer them questions scientifically
we are the product of millions of years of evolution
some bacteria reproduced and mutated
it grew fins and started swimming
after that i left onto the grass
sliding around like a snake or summet
then eventually we walked upright
and the ones who got the most girls passed on their traits

i would rather believe darwin than have faith

i look at the religeous with envy
that they can be living in bliss
like its something ill always miss

but behind those eyes i can see doubt
that they cant be sure either
they put on a front
to help each other
because thats what love does

it makes you lie

  INTRO -       


Intro -

Main -

how much effort should i put into pointless things?

i had a dream about waking up and some people were trying to kill me and i had no idea why, i realised later that they were starving, it was really scary, i gave them the fruit out of my kitchen
some biscuits, an apple, well actually i gave the apple to one dude out of the 3, so then i felt as though i had distributed it unequally, so that was still bothering me till like midnight, its not right, people starting a fight, you gotta just keep ya game tight and everything just might turn bright, except at night, of course, which is good too, i guess. haha
 so yeah, put effort into your dreams, theres no point in filling space with something you hate

I’ve got to consume as much information as possible

ima a universalist
i believe in universalism
that everyone can be saved
i done think life is just a temporary faze, thats random, not possible to be changed
i think its a result of an infinity of chance
whilst planetary systems do the cosmic dance

when doing these streams my only fear is to bore people to death, ahhh, i wouldn’t mind soothing them to sleep, but being boring visually or audibly is what I’m aiming to avoid

so I’ve been watching the news, reading poems, checking Facebook religiously, just sucking up as much information and content as i can, listening to all the new bands, watching my idols, studying what i like about them and wondering why i sometimes disagree, like yesterday, the election was won by the guy who i wouldn’t of voted for, not because i dislike the guy, i don’t really care about that stuff really, i just think that anyone in a position of power needs to be removed at the earliest convenience, i didn’t vote though, it feels too much like accepting someone else to be above you.

i don’t want to dependant on anybody, for things like money,
i want to make things for myself, i wanna be the one that helps

The Flower of Life:
A sacrilegious symbol
from rebellious math

reimagine democracy
its time to get ruthless
cut the strings that lead us
follow the the path that lies within
draw a circle across the sky
and map the footsteps of the sun
to create our understanding of time

like pulling the petals from flowers for fun
a dreamscape of constant creation
to be left and forgotten
its no revelation

praise satan
and all the demonic gods
in legion with lucifer
to fulfil the devils dirty work

I think the future should have robots fulfilling all of our tasks with one super computer at the centre controlling everything, automation of farming powered by renewable energy sources with universal sharing of knowledge and information via an ungoverned database that we download into our mind whilst we sleep.
I believe it happens already, that we are all connected consciously without being able to fully understand it

I’ve found myself feeling actual anger at things like intro credits, to the point where ill spread suggestions to boycott support of the said company for wasting my time, i purposely don’t skip adverts for companies that i don’t like, just so they get charged

i won’t trade money with a portrait of a king on it, thats how jealousy works

Block by block
I delve down
is it iron?
is it gold?
or only gravel and stone

toiling with pick and shovel
I dream obsidian spires
towering 190 blocks above the shore

I dream wheat fields
and cow pens
nestled amidst rolling hills

I dream discovery

but before these
there must be iron

Minecraft’s amazing, I’ll admit,
There’s no end to the possibilities,
You play for long and just can’t quit,
And you have no responsibilities.

Lots of room for imagination,
Maybe become the best inventor,
Tons of blocks for any creation,
And goals to achieve for adventure.

oh my god almighty
praise allah
bless you buddha
my brother from another mother

——— near end
read out a few new fb likes
Outro -

Things to cover -

Art, Gaming & Social media
- Effect on people
- Different genres
- Sharing & consuming
- Hardware and software
- History & future

Current events -

UK Election
waka for president
suction lips

Specs -

20 minutes - Launched by May 2nd 2015

Advertising -


hello so this is the 3rd live stream of aiyu season 2
we are gonna be starting a brand new build again, but this time we are gonna continue with this same build for a while, i want it to be a sort of maze, ill keep adding to it till it starts to lag basically.

coz im a phareo

this new headsets alreyt but i feel like I’m a pilot or summert, i need a small little microphone for my collar

yo tech support sort me out with some sick audio facillity, i don’t want this madness on my head man i feel like I’m flying a plane

I had to make the tunes,
i would stream more often if i could but you’re not allowed to broadcast other peoples stuff so ill basically be on as often as i can but music is way too important to me so basically ill try my best.
i hope to get a crew on it eventually so we can create content as a team because i honestly really enjoy it, i wouldn’t do it if i didnt.

Shall thou steal?
Shall thou kill?

I’m thinking about just stealing all the music and stuff instead

id like to think i have values and morals but to be honest i would take your carpet from under your feet if it was worth something to me, thats why i hardly have any friends, the friends i have are the ones i wouldn’t ever hurt, it feels like us vs the world because after the world mega falls apart around you its just about doing the best for yourself, and why do i want to do the best for myself? because i believe I’m the best person to make the decisions to better the world around me, all i want is peace and love and equality, they shouldn’t be any barriers or walls keeping us on the roads we are on, they were put there by the winners of wars & battles haven’t yet ended, the only difference is I am on the losing side no matter how well we are doing.

that feeling you get when you discover new music that you love

before we can do whats best for the planet we need to learn what is
and i believe to learn we need to use the resources we can, we shouldn’t slow down our industrial revolutions from fear of running out of our resources because we never know what is possible in the future, we need to aim to live without the use of fossil fuels, invest in renewable energy.


I’m really careful with my resource consumption
i try to never be wasteful
i don’t ever jump to presumption
people have to prove themselves to be faithful
i don’t appreciate interruption whilst I’m trying to function
I’m not being hateful, I’m only gracefull.
this is a production, it shouldn’t be painful.

are you listening   angel.

i don’t have time to think about religion, i always thought that was a thing for the middle class to worry about, if there’s a god, or if their actions are being judged, i don’t have time for that, I’m just worried about where the breads coming from

I’m bored of directors, investing in various sectors, no peers to be objectors, collecting hectors, drawing vectors, who’s the best? us.

yeah bluuuuud


trying my best to be hood.
pretending I’m not really really good.
even thought morals are what decide my path through life, my free will feels so real, theres no question that our outcome is decided by us.

proper mega swat, aiming for the top, in class, grade wise, never absent.
always on this.


what is my prediction for the future?
“things can only get betttttttter”
thats my only outlook
i don’t think being negative will help anyone,
so you just gotta have optimism unless your gonna make a decision
to involve philosophy whilst discussing prophecy.
we can’t predict the future
but we can make an educated guess

all i want is top marks in this test.

so check your email
play online
waste time
everything will be fine
go to sleep
and wake up again

I’m also in retail

nah I’m kidding i couldn’t care less about anything, all i want is to feed my ego, make massive big techno,

girls whose names are ancient, ancestry aint sacred, reading texts from the 1800’s like shakesphere except i can throw punches.

so it wears off onto me speaking all olde englishly occasionally.
i don’t hold grudges,

i wanna help the mothers that microwave there childrens tea & no matter how hard things get they tell them theres better days to be

the only difference between me and the majority, without me saying this distastefully, is i actually have a message to pass on to pass on, to be yourself, every little helps.

ahhhh proper name dropping tesco, gotta fight those corporate monsters, but then where I’m gonna get my milk from? its a quid for like 2 litres of semi skinned. you can’t argue with that to be honest, i don’t know how to milk a cow.
then it goes off too fast so its gotta just be binned, then I’m worrying where the moneys coming from to keep me alive, thats all i want, is to survive,
take five, don’t skive, back up your disk drive, control my sex drive, just thrive, don’t lie, scrape by, small fry, ill never be a tough guy.

I’m so sick of these lil wannabes, even me now whilst I’m just raving on about hate, it makes me sick, just thinking of it.

so i just try to change the subject
i want everything to be perfect, treat everyone with respect, regardless of there past. no one should be a victim of neglect.

thats the effect most give off when they connect.
like if i told everyone how much i love to get wrecked id spend the next day worried, upset, thinking “ohhh man did i just tell some kid its cool to wake up after a night drinking, with your pants on the floor in the kitchen, 3 girls in your bed, without a memory at all from the night before though” so yeah its also cool to forget?

like your minds on some tangled tape cassette theres no time for regret, lifes not got a factory reset

so whilst we are expanding our anarchy, lets warp reality, pause time, we don’t need teleportation when we have telepathy, i wish for immortality before mind control.

but the agony of having to obey gravity.
when i would happily leave the galaxy.

lets start with smoke signals from a distance and advance to radio waves translating written word, from hieroglyphs to google translate, we had morse code to communicate,

when listening to yourself back, its like a mind hack, you feel like everything you say is wack.

i like pixels, i imagine microchips with ecosystems

we came from niburu, the ark was a spaceship, 2 of every DNA, it wasn’t fate showing the way, it was research and hard work.

been checking out mememolly on tumblr, my favourite video girl.
my sister has moved onto my street!

the universe is everything, nothing on the outside, it contains trillions & zillions of galaxies each containing millions & billions of stars, each with their own orbit systems, all inter-wining and spinning about like crazy cuz its being doing it ever since the big bang happened which scientists think was a long time ago, our star is orbited by a bunch of planets and some of those planets are orbited by moons, theres proper loads of this stuff happening everywhere and people are confused why.

just before the big bang happened all the universe was mega squished.
everything was together at 1 point and there were no dimensions yet, only massive gravity, so much that all the mass would fold into itself with no space between electrons and neutrons only 1 particle contained everything

after the explosion, the universe was born, all the mass shot out to form all our elements, the hot gases cooled to form solids and liquids, the big bits of mass attracted the lil bits of mass & the bigger the mass, the bigger the gravity.

no one knows why this happened, some think they do, the deluded, dumb &, some think we are in a matrix provided by someone above and just about every possible explanation of the universe can be found written in a book.

the universe is so big that aliens probably do zoom about on space holidays and cosmic business trips, have mastered teleportation & time travel just in case they’re late.

so anyway all this happened by accident

sometimes i get sad about the circumstances that i meet people, i wish the ones close to me didn’t have to be put there in the way that they were, or sometimes i just think that things have to be way they were otherwise who knows where we would be today,


sup yo go gimme money and buy my shit from OYMYO

lets admit I’m a bit of a weirdo
wannabe hipster only just pulling off emo
flow too slow so i always stay home, my only achievement is my tetris high score

ill never be rich but never have to work though, somewhere in the middle, never content with anything

one night i did blow and ever since i felt hardcore

i really got no fear though
no cares
no responsibility to please anyone

the news
the youth
your opinions
our values

fuck that.
corporations exploiting addictions
controlling the people

is the truth really too dark?
I’m so over everything.
i don’t seek explanation of existance

i wake up in love with one girl
and fall asleep in love with another

“they’re all sluts, i swear they’re all sluts, i hate each and every one of them”
“i don’t really i love you so much, you’re all i think about”

live your life, dance all night, don’t go home
say i love you before you hang up the phone
swap seeds
grow plants
don’t need to say thanks, its standard, although trust, never really present, not for anyone.

so i got proper into drugs
just an excuse to feel like the law can be broken i guess
but the blurs
when you pick up from a policeman
and he splits instantly
coz he got his stuff to pick up too

thats what happens
and then suddenly its more important than anything
homeless with just some trip in a bag, unhappy, tripping out 1 minute, coming down the next, £100 later and realities on a flex.
then down again and its all so shit
cuz ur sex aint young enough n ur the only one getting older
nothing is fun enough & ur only getting bolder (cuz it rhymes)

then nothing else is more important
than what you pass on

so the next time
the cops give you less
coz they kinda into that too

rebel against:
tax of any form
social norms

don’t allow censorship
of art, opinion or history


The days get shorter.
Time goes faster.

Am i evil for believing what i do?
Am i evil for not agreeing with you?
Can't i be right and you wrong,
maybe your weak and im strong

The next day she wanted to leave at noon.
I said, be back by four, I'm paying you.
She sat by the door,
she put out her hand,
her knuckles knocked against mine,
hard deliberate knuckles. I gave her cash.

thats the way life has to be when you are moving fast

because nothing ever lasts

well thats all for this episode, tune in next time
same time same place
well not really
completely random time, unpredictable place
good human race, with getting into space


welcome to another live stream,
I’ve got autotune switched on again, which you may or may not know, makes me quite happy,
my character dude is now on 404% faster than default, which is SICCCCK.
minecraft, with forge, 1.7.10 with world edit,

episode 2, brand new, live, always on time, midnight daily, twitch tv O Y M Y O .com

real time, gonna build something fresh, not sure what just yet. but we’ll see.

not really daily just when ever i can be bothered. i will try.
i was gonna do it sort of tutorial style but theres many more of those online that you can check out & everyone does things there own way so it probably would help you anyway if i did this as a step by step guide on how to edit.

its not survival either, i only play creative, I’m a massive fan of Mianite, Syndicate, Waglington, that sonya firefox girl, jericho, captain sparkles,

keep up the communication

the space maze,
a completely empty world
only filled with air.
because lets be fair,
living up there would be perfect for me
the least amount of human interaction
would give me a huge amount of satisfaction

not that I’m saying i dislike the people around me,
i just think that its possible to achieve intimacy without being positioned closely,
using technology,
so existing remotely wouldn’t be totally lonely, maybe at most, a bit ghostly.

id show affection through an internet connection & only interact with others through astral projection, the situation would be perfection with a million miles of space to offer protection,
the absence of others to focus on myself & my work.

id become crazy, obviously, being alone constantly, but it doesn’t bother me.

i just like the thought of self contained living,
always chilling, always winning
just existing.

i can’t stop believing that the standard of life here is so low compared to what it could be, i know I’m supposed to be free, and for that i should be thankful somehow, but imagine the future, they’ll have so much more inventions and creations and things to provide distractions,
i always think of the ways they’ll make technology to serve our interactions

virtual reality that we can just plug our minds into
id be so sick at that for a fact, id edit the shades of the seas blue
id make your mind see through
id teach you how to do it too.

so don’t be thinking I’m evil,
all i believe in is good.

earlier today i saw a lady going through my rubbish its sad that isn’t it, i feel bad, i would help anyone, honest, but i didn’t, i just watched her from my window & said nothing, its sad that. I’m not proud.

you gotta live up to your word, its no good just describing your actions,
you got to live up to them
 you gotta actually get up and act them out
don’t just shout

ill try harder
ill get better
ill never stop
aim for the top
dont flop
let my hair grow till its like a mop


my love for ambient music
big spaced out beats, natural sounds of satellites
broken code

I’ve grown so much
still playing this
i used to sit around and diss all the people that raved on so much about how good it is, i jumped on kinda late, i actually remember this guy called gary i met in manchester, i used to rent the back of his cafe and have a shop there, he was a photographer for the hacienda when he was younger, proper loved tea, he would bring tea from around the world when he would meet with me, the dude was full on crazy, not in a bad way, just a cool guy, well anyway he got angry coz he said i should use this software for design and i started laughing, who would of thought i few years later id be its number one fan, playing it as much as i can, never going outside, never getting a tan, blam!

I’m all about the fam
honest i am.
never say you can’t because i know you can, I’m the man, damnnn.

i wanna do this daily, no actually, constantly, i don’t want anyone to ever bother me, i wanna evolve to manipulate mass, i wanna be able to fulfil any task, i never want to live behind a mask, i want to be the best.

better than all the rest.

to catch them is my real test.
y’all know the rest.
its how it goes,
don’t make me break out in fresh prince flow.
I’m the god of techno, you already know.

whats my name?
my name is ____

fresh floooooow
next levelllllll

lets expand our anarchy, break expectations, lets embrace our differences and join the nations.
lets eradicate all the fake ones.
lets have an earth national anthem

just sit back and thank them.
put flowers in the barrels of tanks then,
only have peace and love and happiness.

nobody should ever be forced to do anything, that they don’t want to do, no one wants to kill, no one truly wants to be evil, this is the sequel.
i know i only go on about love and caring, but its the only thing worth committing to hard disk memory, i don’t want to look back at my life and think i wasted it, i wanna look back and think i helped somehow.
it is tempting to be mean & seem like you don’t care, to act cool to get a reaction, i do that sometimes when I’m in a bad mood or in the way rap artists do it just to play a character.
i mean serious, I’m creating vectors, I’m probably not the first you have ever seen playing video games
but hopefully my brains being used and I’m learning something everyday,all i wanna do is grow.
I’m so scared of getting old and going slow


I’ve got pretty far out theories, i don’t believe we die.
the ones I’ve lost so far.
were stolen from me

am i still streaming?
or is this dreaming
I move like a slide show in my webcam though, take a picture bro.

are we all seeking enlightenment?
does everyone feel like the only one ageing?

praise cleopatra, allah, budda, the sun god rayman, buffy the vampire slayer, jesus christ, the lead singer of feist, alice glass,

dear computer
you are the best friend I’ve had, my homie
you're the only one who really knows me

Lets discuss the structure of the universe
the behaviour of atoms
the construction of elements
whats going on with electrons
& nuclei

i agree with synthetic babies,
LAB grown DNA to speed up natural selection
species correction
food intake via injection,
none of this over-protection
killing our sense of direction,
no politicians that you line up and vote for every election.
they’re an infection.
none of this stupid tax collection

I’m sure the people in the suits have good intentions, but i can’t help but feel as though I’m being sort of shepherded around like a sheep if you get me..?

rewarding using love not money & creating equal wealth & removing financial differences

the yield is greater with extra effort

the corruption
increase output & consumption reduction
living life to the max
making every moment last

even the lust
& pride

we shouldn’t hide

and no matter how hard we try, we will never be good enough
but its tough
this life thing, no one promised it would be easy.
the winds also gonna be breezy

we should have pride.
were on the same side.
we’ll never die.
my life consists of constant worry & never ending non fulfilment
self pity i hate all around me I’m scared is fake, i hope and dream of riches & love.

i wish for nothing anymore. sorry.

though day dreams so vivid & real, the truth is unseeable & enlightenment untouchable, to work & earn as a slave for those above squeezes want for rebellion & not a day passes without dreaming of death, the lies, deceat & evil are all that keep me here to fight & kill all energy & all that is wrong, though sough solum and sulking, i waste away, slowly, though faster every day, so every second can fade away, i don’t want life but I’m too weak to end it. i don’t want help undeserved, nor pity

so listen to the voice inside & obey each with no delay, dismiss & they too will erode away, like fallen leaves and the dead, just be faithful to thought & know that luck is created by ourselves & thank the tars above for shining a guiding light in rare moments between clouds & the glimpses of smiles in the street, thank more, but not inside, outwardly & honestly, I’m not here for you or anyone else as i am willing to reap the blood from your veins whilst you sleep, know this is true only i love you


1 - Cosmic perfection
2 - Inner perception
3 - A Lie
4 - Ж
5 - The truth
6 - Alien proof
7 - Absence of self
8 - ð/

9 - Death

Cosmic perfection.

Life isn’t perfect, atom bombs are possible & evil exists, some people think nobody would be bad without good reason or desperation but this is not the truth, love serves below lust & desire can be corrupted.
Intelligence will get you nowhere without guts or stupidity, you need the devil inside you to propel forward, but what is forward? What is success?  The hopes and dreams inside us are obtainable in our time here, although its not clear what defines happiness and love, its not possible to know what we need to be perfect, all we know is we need to be good

The planet has evolved constantly, since the beginning of time things have always changed, not always for the better, but always different than before. Thats why when Jacob noticed the TV auto tuning at random he disregarded it for a usual update sent out by the station. Jacob is the scruffy sort, not too far from 15, he’s looking forward to finally being able to use the wonders that the world has created once he is old enough to do so but for now his skateboard will do whilst all his friends have hoverboards & holidays in outerspace he just hopes that one day he will be rich enough to afford a teleportation pad that all his friends already have.

Outside the cars fly by, the family home is miles high in the sky, he has never seen the floor, he has heard stories, rumours & legends about the earths surface, never though has he been so low, although he isn’t rich like his friends he hasn’t been to the bottom ever. The sky pod he lives in is its own ecosystem, everything is self contained, the sun powers the lights & charges the batteries to keep it lit during the night, the rain waters the plants, evaporates to the top of the dome & falls again, some will end up in the taps & digested by the people, some will be used for the pools, fountains & fish tanks. Jacoub has a jellyfish. Its name is stingy.

The sky pod is one of many, it obits the earth in a belt, each connected by tubes, the space whirls by outside. The sounds of digital interfaces beeping and blipping as they perform the many tasks once done by humans & the smell of the recycled air, the lessons in schools are downloaded directly to the brain, memories, backed up on silicon chips, bad ones, erased & forgotten.

my world
its dark and nothing is illuminated
the sounds of the silence broken with interruption
everything i do is an attempt to feed corruption
for those below to never know more
only to go slow and fall further
down the paths of righteousness
they follow whats right
but thats not the way
to succeed
one needs to bleed
and then you see
nothing was meant to be
only the verbs and the soliloques give meaning
meaning to everything towards the end
it all fades away
love was never here to stay
and what do we say?
we say you would be here anyway, because theres nothing here to stay
all i wanna do is play
every day
dance, move, sway
if its bad ill do it anyway
thats the way i am built
to destroy
its in our code

my world
i don’t share it with you
your world, the sky is blue
my world, the sky is nothing new
just a creation, a slight distraction
a glance of the past
as fake as a mask
and what is our task?
to create, evolve, illuminate
embrace hate, its yours to take
I’m here to make something beautiful
so i can watch it deform with you
and when we are through
no that i need you
do you need me too?
i know you do
so when the sounds start to play, like they do every day
will you be here to say “can you hear that too?"
because if you do, know all is true, our actions cannot be reversed
every action has consequences
even the evil
and what is evil?
you are.
and what is in the centre of a star?
you are.
and what is after the end of the universe?
you are.
so the sounds are still here
all is one
everything is connected
all is one


the suns too bright today
i wish the rain was here to stay
because now I’m home alone
and nobody is calling my phone
the years are passing faster now
the time is fading away somehow


Hours pass,
Nothing lasts.
Each moment.

Less trust.
Each day.
Love fades away.

Wishing for riches.

Seconds tick by.
The mind lies.




imagine a world without you, forgotten and lost through the ice and the frost the mist and the fog, explode your senses,
so the body perceives an external stimulus
or a higher power
with infinite potential
thats impossible to measure or calculate
bigger than fate
destroyer of hate
loathe, detest, despise,dislike, abhor, execrate
I’m here to make, nothing fake, to shake the foundations of whats possible, and what is possible?
everything is.
and what are you?
physical and mortal
and what am i?
ethereal and immortal
everything that you are not.
you’re too perfect for this world, richer than gold and greater than pearls.

my desire

the ancient elements, all that once mattered now memories replaced and scattered in mind in spirit the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul. void my own. devils scorn. ripped and torn. not precious, beautiful, or brilliant. normal & bland. unable to be touched

time has reversed the loop of curse every verse grows thirst for answers. unstoppable. unknowable. through the flow I’m able to keep up each word in time but fine are the lines of chimes and mimes so time is the reason for resonance and urgency, deep, full, and reverberating, all these things. just things. only things.

interstellar space & the quantum race from the start to the end for what am i sent? to vent? the anger and anguish of never having you, of never being through, of never being true.

so few the thoughts, pure and loving, so pungent are the ones of fear and loathing, in dreams ill stay so far away, never to play with hearts so dear i want you near.

Side effects may include:
- Euphoria.
- Self induced paranoia.
- Imagination exploration.
- Perceptional adjustments.
- Reality erosion.
- Gradual creativity structural output destruction.
- Eventual dismay.

Nuclei orbited by;
A balance of energy
Constant & consistent.
Begging to be broken.

Death of ego
Everything is borrowed / BROKEN
False awakening
Death. Déjà vu
Energy transferral.
Body is temporary.
Departure of soul.
Evolution of mind.
Universal laws.
Made to be destroyed.
Collapsed meaning.
Sacred geometry.
Alternate realities.
Vibrational frequencies.
Perceptional awareness.
Extra senses.
Open chakras.
8th chakra.
Out of body.
Devine connection

intelligence, money, power, prestige, position, status, attitudes

A void of normal spectrums.
Inner perfection.

stimulation visually, via touch, smell and accuracy acceleration.

division of years into months, into weeks, days, hours & seconds.

Dajavu in symbols.

Sexuality control.
Erasable history.
Instincts out of context.

Economy manipulation,
Duplication of structures
Predictable reactions.
Removal of negative projection.
Absence of privacy.
Regulation of emotional spectrums.
Creation of perceived public opinion.
Implied shared imagination, (synthetic telepathy)
Commercially provided dreams.
Commercially provided logic for the unknown.
Power over education.

Awe stricken.

Heightened flavour, enhanced hearing, clearer eyesight, increased touch and smell.

An embracement of badness.

Insomnia, amnesia, madness.
A need to fight this.

A loss of motivation.
Output reduction.

Levitation to float above you.
Sonar to see in the dark.
Time travel to change the past and the future.
Day dreams.
Cosmic beams.

A loss of loved ones.
A feeling of being strong.

A need to quit.

Giving compliments.

it all drums
it jingles
not urban, nor for the world
or a girl so pure
it fucks
repetitive sin
she has
home schooled
based on facts created
till its time to leave
solar panels powering our pc’s
dont ask about my reasons
for everything I’m made to forget

the anger at the haunted
repent my actions
and wish for the best
with anarchy
so all know
the queen don’t own me

i think our lives are like
i just need somewhere to hide
with vibes relaxed not intense
i will not fight
till we
are together

Each way I turned
I turned to You;
Each place I reached
Was the path to You.

although i believe
we’ll never know the answers
all i hear is questions and madness

i don’t mind being lost forever

girls girls girls

all my friends have fallen apart

one at a time

i guess they need to get their space

sack of adventure time watch pokemon on smart tv
the textures neon
the feel fluorescent

all day i dream about going back
with only hate and anger

dear cosmic life form
my world is fucked

we got one direction
this sound is out to get you
i don’t miss west life
but jesus something went wrong
with all this repetitive shit

i guess they bring us all out and together yeah

but time is limited
we can’t have you splitting us
we’ll take forever

my sleep patterns metric
with cinematic styled dreams
orchestrated by a factory
just to let us know
that infinity is a long time

its a long time to be alone yeah
get popcorn
pick up the phone
call home
then travel
and never look back

just imagine the secrets
and open your mind

all day i dream about going back
with only hate and anger

i hope they
will call home
my house

with each day
glimpse the Eternal
to feel elevated
don’t turn inwards
become devine
and excel

destroy the mundane
this is a journey
explore ambience
in the atmosphere


truth explained
living sustained
you never lose